Book Review: The Sincerest Form of Flattery

12 Jan

My first book read of the year is from John Walker, the first in the Statford  Chronicles called the Sincerest Form of Flattery.  Here’s the book summary.

Life was simple for private detective Tom Statford. Sure, being the Keeper, the first, last and only line of defense between gods and mortals could make for interesting times, but a mundane existence in south-eastern Virginia kept things on the boring side of life. Boring, until bodies appear with all the trademarks of ritualistic homicide. Now, the Keeper must not only stop a psychopath, but also the end of the world.

Easy enough, if the killer doesn’t find him first.

This book is available on Kindle (no hard copy of the book, just released on Kindle)

This was a good, quick read.  We’re introduced to Thomas Statford while he’s underfire while he’s working a case.  It’s not a typical case, however, because his employer happens to be one of the gods of ancient myth.  He’s a Keeper, as the summary says.  But he’s also a private investigator the likes of Mike Hammer or Phillip Marlow, or even Thomas Magnum.

He’s got a decent office which he lives in, and makes a decent amount of money for himself.  His life is pretty good, though he has to deal with cases the likes of which most investigators wouldn’t have to, nor would they believe in a million years.

The book itself is one part urban fantasy with one part crime noir.  Everything is from Statford’s point of view, as he tries to solve a series of murders by someone who is only identified as the godslayer.  Statford has help, though.  From the police department, to the under belly of the crime world, to the gods themselves, along with help from his ghostly friend Larry.  We even get to meet his mom, who seems to have a history, one which wasn’t revealed.

This reminded me a lot of some of the old crime novels I read when I was younger, though with the added twist of urban fantasy elements.  Wait for the ending, because it spells something that will bring about a nice cliffhanger for the next book in the series.

There isn’t much to say about the story without giving too much away.  Needless to say, if you’re a fan of crime noir type fiction, with a bit of urban fantasy mixed in just to shake things up, then check out this book.  There’s two more in the series, which I’m going to be reading in the near future.

Probably tonight.

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