Book Review: In The Details

15 Jan

In The Details is the second book in the Statford Chronicles, by John G. Walker.  Here’s the summary.

Private detective Tom Statford has a problem. A priest has been murdered in Hampton Roads, Virginia. That’s bad. His killer is claiming the Devil as an accomplice, sending the forces of Heaven after the fallen angel. That’s even worse. Lucifer comes to Tom to proclaim his innocence, which makes Tom’s life more interesting than it needs to be, and he’s the only one who can prove the Devil didn’t make the killer do it. But who would believe the Prince of Lies?

So Thomas Statford’s new client is the Devil himself.  And Thomas has the undaunting task of investigating a murder that has been blamed on Lucifer, but the Devil is claiming innocence.  It becomes even more difficult when Tom is given only three days to solve the case, considering that if he doesn’t the world will end thank to apocalyptic prophesy.  Devils, archangels, and humanity collide in this offering from Walker.

Again, another good, quick read.  Getting the story from Tom’s point of view gave a good chase aspect to everything.  He gets beaten up, gets chased around, has to find the clues, and you ride along with him.  One of the things I found was how quickly he has a suspect.  But having the suspect isn’t the easy part.  Considering he has to give this information to the archangel Michael in order to prove Lucifer’s innocence.  Statford has A and he has D, but he needs B and C before Michael will call off the hunt for his fallen brother’s head.

We get a bit more about Statford’s mom in this book, and there’s just as many questions about her as there is about the crazy stuff Tom deals with.  Close friend Mac and Tom’s girlfriend Susy also make appearances, and I often wonder how they deal with all the weirdness Tom sees on a normal day.

Next offering is The Blame Game, which I’ll be starting tonight.  The series reminds me of a very light version of Sue Grafton’s alphabet crimes series, which has one book lead directly into the next.  Save for the fact Tom deals with gods and demons, while Kinsey Milhone deals with thugs and crime lords.

End tally:  good read, pick up this book for a nice ride and a good continuation from the first book, The Sincerest Form of Flattery.

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