Tortuga’s Revenge

26 Jan

The crew of the Tortuga’s Revenge

I just posted the short story which featured the Tortuga’s Revenge.  The Revenge is a ship of elven women who sail the high seas in search of adventure and glory.  Along the way, they find themselves in battles with pirates, privateers, and against the human navies that would try to stop them.  They have been dubbed sea witches because of their elven heritage, their ability to use the arcane and the knack for appearing out of nowhere.

The Revenge is co-captained by Aarushi, a Mohawk elf, and Clarice Carsdinale, an Irish Celtic elf.  They have been granted a boon by the dragon riders of the Mu’Hareen, and two dragons will fight by their side.  Galidra with her rider Fatma sail with the Revenge, and most recently Inas with her dragon Porticus have joined their fight.  Both dragon riders are of Arabic ancestry.  Brunhilda, a Nordician elf, is the first mate.  The Revenge is also backed by the sovereign of the seven seas, a Sea Elf who has given her elite army to aid them when called upon.

I still have to flesh out the other members, but from the story, two of the elves mentioned who were casting a fire ball and an ice ball I envision as being of Chinese ancestry and Pakistani ancestry.  The question may arise ‘why the elves have to have human like ancestries’.  It’s something I’ve talked about in the past, elves come from human stories, and human cultures.  And elves appear in most every culture on Earth.

For now, those are the main members of the Revenge that I’ve named.  I’ll probably flesh things out a bit more in the future.

Here’s some of the inspirational music that cooked up the story.

And finally…

Black Mask & Pale Rider: Short Stories

These stories are collected shorts of glimpses at the life on Shani and Pania’s homeworld.  Some of the stories will star Shani and Pania, many will focus on the other characters of the realm.

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