Free Spirit and the Bowhuntress: Ravenport

29 Jan


Each year I usually come to a decision on a writing project.  This year is no different.  This is the major project, I’ll still be writing short stories with the gunslinging elves, but this one takes place in the Heroic League Universe.

Set in the gothic coastal city of Ravenport, Maine, it stars the sisters Yolanda and Chelsea Morgan.  By day, Yoland is a detective for the Ravenport City Police Department, an expert in forensic psychology and crime scene analysis.  Chelsea is the Assistant District Attorney for the City of Ravenport.  By night, Yolanda is the costumed vigilante known as Free Spirit, a flag wearing superhero who has a knack of getting herself into and out of trouble with ease.  She is also a trained voodoo priestess, and uses her powers to help solve homicides, calling on the spirit of the recently killed to give some insight into why and how they died.  Chelsea is the bowslinger known as the Bowhuntress.  Much more rough around the edges, she’s as much a brawler as she is a marksman with her bow.  Together they investigate the seemingly supernatural activities that plague Ravenport and her citizens.

Both women were born in Shreveport, Louisiana to a large family (this family included Regina Morgan-Simms, the first Free Spirit, and Lewis Morgan, the original Bowhunter).  Both are of Haitian ancestry, and know quite well of the gifts bestowed upon them.  At least, the ones bestowed to Yolanda.  While all Morgan women are blessed with the arcane abilities of their mother, Chelsea did not have these gifts.  Thus, her mother made sure she was protected, covering her with warding tattoos to drive off evil spirits.

Both women are geniuses, having graduated high school at 15 (Yolanda) and 14 (Chelsea), and obtaining Masters degrees in psychology and forensic sciences by the age of 21 (Yolanda) and law by the age of 19 (Chelsea).  Each has seen their share of set backs.  Chelsea was a troubled youth and was known as a runaway.  She joined with a world wide underground organization called the Red Hand until her commanding officer decided enough was enough and it was time to get out of Dodge.  Yolanda is a single mother, and claims the only good thing about her ex-boyfriend is their daughter, Tamara.  Yolanda had Tamara at the age of 17, and still managed to obtain her Masters while tending to the needs of her daughter.

As Free Spirit and the Bowhuntress, they’re a pair of street wise, ass kicking ladies who will do anything to protect the citizens of the city they live in, and keep evil at bay.  Free Spirit is given a bit of a pass, due to her more patriotic attire (though, there are those who scream about the fact a black woman is wearing the flag).  Bowhuntress, on the other hand, is the target of shock op-ed television host, Norman Holder.  He deems her a danger to the city, and demands the police do everything to take her down.

The two have their backup, as they have their brother Lewis, who owns a custom bike shop in Ravenport, with a deep basement that houses their base of operations.  Darla Drobsky, formerly the assassin with the Sisterhood known as Sister Eventide, is their information gatherer.  And former street gang memebers, Tito, Anthony, Ricki and Zee round out the group that helps Free Spirit and Bowhuntress take on criminal elements, corrupt politicians, and the evils that live in the soil surrounding Ravenport.

Free Spirit and the Bowhuntress writing soundtrack:

  • Amaranthe – The Nexus
  • Limp Bizkit – Break Stuff
  • Bleeker Ridge – Small Town Dead
  • Seven Dust – Enemy
  • Wicked Wisdom – Something Inside of Me
  • Within Temptation – Paradise (What About Us?)
  • Van Halen – Humans Being
  • Guns ‘n Roses – Welcome To The Jungle
  • Live – Lightning Crashes

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