Book Review: The Blame Game

30 Jan

BlameGameThe Blame Game is the third offering in the Statford Chronicles series of supernatural mysteries with Thomas Statford, private investigator and Keeper of the peace between gods and mortals.

In the third outing of private detective of the gods Tom Statford, a woman shows up in his office claiming to have been murdered. What’s worse is she’s a target of a fire god. With four other bodies involved, along with Chinese organized crime, Tom has to figure out who killed the girl, and who is using a god as an assassin. No big deal, right? Before it’s all over, this case will give the phrase “May you live in interesting times” a whole new meaning.

It almost seems like Thomas can’t catch a break.  He’s back with the love of his life and then she walks in.  The entrance of a mysterious woman was written like it was right out of a Mickey Spillane offering.  And she was in fact dangerous.  As it turns out, she was in control of a brothel and wanted by most every police agency on the eastern sea board, if not farther.

The Blame Game is another sampling of just how Tom gets into and out of trouble, most of it not his fault.  He’s shot at, beaten up, and nearly burned to a crisp when he comes face to face with the fire god.  The ending has a great surprise twist to it that should have been seen coming.

This was another good, quick read, with lots of action and a decent amount of description involved to keep the story flowing.  John G Walker brings out another excellent chapter in the life of Thomas Statford.  Highly recommend this one to anyone who enjoys crime noir and urban fantasy, though this one had a helping dose of international intrigue involved in it.

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