Black History Month

01 Feb

I just realized it’s Black History Month.

This stuff sort of flies under the radar for me at times, mostly because February also happens to be the February Writer’s Challenge (started many years ago by James Melzer, author of the Zombie Chronicles).

It’s interesting that the project I’m working on for this month happens to fit quite well with Black History Month.  The story is called Ravenport, and it focuses on two sisters (and their supporting cast) who happen to be a police detective and an assistant district attorney.  Both are also costumed vigilantes.  And both happen to be black.

As a matter of fact, there’s a good amount of diversity within the cast.  On top of Yolanda and Chelsea Morgan, there’s also Yolanda’s daughter, Tamara.  Their older brother, Lewis Morgan, who runs a custom bike shop and is a former vigilante himself (as well as being a retired football player).  There’s the supporting cast of Lina Gregarin (Lewis’ wife), Darla Drobsky (former vigilante, former assassin), Anthony (former gang member, works at Lewis’ shop), Rikki (former gang member, works at Lewis’ shop), Carlos (former gang member, works at Lewis’ shop) and Zee (former prostitute, taken off the streets by Lina and Lewis).

Yolanda and Chelsea are, in a way, a shout out to previous black superheroes who have come before, many of whom were created by the late Dwayne McDuffie.  McDuffie was influential in many of the past stories in DC Comics, and was instrumental in creating the the Milestone Universe, which included the popular Static Shock.  Many of his characters are seen today, especially in animated form.  Such as the recent Young Justice which included the aforementioned Static Shock.

The list of black characters in comics is actually quite long, but sadly they don’t get as much face time as Superman, Spider-man, or Batman (all of whom get more face time than Wonder Woman, who still gets more face time than black heroes).  From Falcon to Black Lightning, the characters are deep, interesting and incredibly diverse.  From wealth to politics, each has their own identity.

So, along with celebrating the February Writer’s Challenge, I’ll use my project to celebrate black history month.  From time to time, I may post a snippet of history that is from Canada.

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