Friday morning random times

07 Feb


There’s something incredibly satisfying about saying that word.  It actually makes you feel good.  Anyway, here’s some fuckin’ random shit I’ve been thinking about.

Sochi Olympics

Russia is weird, I have decided.  Not due to any cultural aspect, but completely due to their politics.  It was announced that t.a.T.U, the early 2000’s pop duo from Russia that made a huge splash in the west, will be performing during the Sochi Olympics.

That’s fine, they’re Russian, and often it’s the case for the host country to showcase their talent at events like this.  The London Olympics had J. K. Rowling, Mary Poppins, and the Queen being parachuted into the stadium after being escorted by none other than James Bond.  At Vancouver in 2010, Donald Sutherland read a selection from W.O. Mitchell’s Who Has Seen The Wind.  This before Joni Mitchel’s Both Sides Now was performed while Thomas Saulgrain performed the ballet on fly wire.

So it’s not unusual for t.a.T.U to perform.  What is unusual is that they represent (albeit, falsely) an extremely lesbian couple.  The duo had some pretty open lesbian lyrics.  Admittedly, they later admitted they were all for show, and that playing lesbians wasn’t fun anymore.

It seems more and more as though Sochi is becoming a black eye on the Olympics.

Ground Hog Day

I had completely forgotten about Ground Hog Day (the day, not the movie, which is hilarious).  Then again, I’d forgotten about the Super Bowl, too, until the last five minutes of the game.  It seems that most Ground Hogs (there are more than just the Pennsylvania ground hog and the one in Wiarton, Ontario) have predicted six more weeks of winter.  Winnipeg Willow, however, a ground hog in Manitoba, has predicted an early spring.  I think Winnipeg is just being optimistic.

Still, I don’t think I’ll take a contract out on the ground hogs this year.

Four Day Weekend

I’ve got a four day weekend.  I had time built up, so I decided to take it now, while we’ve got the time at work.  It’s not gonna be busy this week, and next week is pretty slow, so I took yesterday, and today off.  I got some writing in, some more in Ravenport, and started another story in the Heroic League Project called Long Live The Mannequin.  I am starting to realize that this superhero universe I’ve created is a lot of work.  Especially considering there’s over 40 years of stuff to write.  From the original five characters in the 1970s to the current crop in the 2010s.  At last count, the present day aspects of the story have 24 heroes.  That includes the original five even though some of them have officially retired.  Sometimes I just look at everything I’ve jotted down in notes and think “holy fuck, this is gonna take a while”.

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