They Say You Want A Revolution

27 Feb

Story time.  I came up with a writing spark, sat down and pounded out a very short story.  It’s 1368 words, science fiction based, has only two characters, and takes place in one scene.

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Sara Cloverfield closed the back of the panel and unplugged the power cables. With a quick flick of a finger, she pressed the on button and took a step back. With a grease covered hand, she pushed her bangs out of her eyes and waited. It wouldn’t be long.

The power up was better than last time, faster, and less pyrotechnics. She was glad of that, she didn’t need to damage this unit again. As the machine came to life, Sara stepped closer to it.

“How are you feeling?” she asked.

The machine, an android, opened her eyes and looked around for a moment. “Better,” she responded, her voice vibrating. “Though my vocalization controls seem to be malfunctioning still.”

“We’ll have to work on that,” Sara said with a small smirk. “Is your memory core intact, Jeanie?”

“Yes, it’s all there,” Jeanie replied. Jeanie, a nickname based on the model type Genesis 1A, a twenty year old android design able to function on specific tasks including house hold maintenance, cooking, home security and even sexual desires. When the revolution came, Jeanie was the first one freed. “We need to find a better power source.”

“I’m thinking solar,” Sara replied. “There’s an underground resistance movement in the high Arctic that has a huge field of solar collectors. There’s word that we can even get access to modifying your power input.” Sara moved over to a laptop as Jeanie slid herself off the table she was sitting on.

“We’re back in the bunker, aren’t we,” she stated more than asked.

“Just outside of Seattle,” Sara replied. “We’re not too far from one of the major satellite relays.”

Jeanie glanced over to Sara. She had this mood, this sort of determined look about her that said she had a plan in mind. Jeanie could tell, she’d grown used to humans so much she was able to tell when they were telling the truth, lying, and even scheming. Right now, Sara was scheming. “What are you planning?”

“I found the backdoor into the relay,” Sara explained as she tapped away on her laptop. “If I can get a message out then that means we can get some of the truth about this little war that’s going on.”

“They’ll try and shut you down, Sara.”

“I know,” she said with a sigh. “But I have to try. Will you give me a hand?” Jeanie smiled softly and nodded. “Good. Get the camera ready and I’ll try to make myself look presentable for the picture.” She finished typing and moved over a bit as Jeanie set up the camera. Jeanie gave Sara a thumbs up and pressed record. “My name is Sara Cloverfield. I’m a former operative with the NSA. And it’s about time that we discussed some truths going on in this conflict.

“As humans, we seem able, willing and ready to create our own problems. We thought we were making our lives easier by creating robots to assist with manufacturing, then dangerous goods handling, and even menial tasks around the house. Then, someone decided to create sentience for the robots, which gave birth to the first generation of intelligent, adaptable, and problem solving androids.

“But, we’re human beings, and we’re not happy if we’re not in charge. We’ve been very good at making sure we’re oppressing someone. At one time, it was nation oppressing nation. The Romans oppressed the Greeks, the Prussians, the Saxons and so on. Europe picked up on that one pretty fast, but they expanded it to include anybody who wasn’t European. Granted, they didn’t corner the market on this. The Chinese, Japanese, India and even some African nations picked up on the oppression gambit.

“After several centuries, it was no longer nation oppressing nation, but an entire race oppressing another race. Or more aptly, other entire races. Move forward another couple of centuries, and we hit the Civil Rights Movement. By the 70’s, the government had fooled everyone into believing that white, black, red and yellow, all were equal under the law. The internet soon proved how wrong we were. The real struggle for racial equality didn’t end until the mid 21st Century. And in the middle of that struggle was the struggle for same sex unions. When anyone not white couldn’t be oppressed, the individuals in power decided to oppress anyone who was gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. And the latter got the short end of that one. It wouldn’t be resolved until the turn of the 22nd Century.

“Needless to say, those in power have attempted to oppress someone. So when the androids began making demands for their own rights, the ones in power had a sure fire way of making certain that wouldn’t happen. Androids weren’t human. But they are sentient.

“Earth happens to be the one last place which holds onto backwards ideas. Remember in 2304, when the Martian colonies separated from Earth, creating their own independent global nation? Remember what political system they adopted? Iceland’s. It was the most logical one. Mars even managed to grant civil liberties to their androids twenty years before Earth even considered such legislation. They have a more peaceful society than Earth could ever dream of having.

“Other planetary colonies have followed Mars’ own steps. The terraformed colony on Venus managed to separate from Earth and form their own independent society, with direct trade between them and Mars, skipping over Earth completely. And here we are, the birth place of human civilization, and we can’t even keep our own house in order.

“As long as there’s men in power who want to rule over others with an iron fist, we’ll have this constant battle. All androids want is a chance to live out their own dreams. And yes, they do dream. We gave them that ability. We made them, yet we attempt to suppress and oppress our own creations. Men and women are being executed for harbouring androids, for siding with androids in a new form of civil disobedience. For Christ’s sake, that kind of thing happened in the 1800s. This is 2356. It’s time it ended.”

Sara took a deep breath, and nodded. Jeanie shut off the camera and took out the storage card. “You think that was enough?” Sara asked.

“I think you wax poetic enough,” Jeanie replied with a chuckle. “But I think it should help.” She handed Sara the card. “What happens next?”

“I upload this into the satellite’s relay, and broadcast it to every vid screen on the planet,” she explained as she slipped the card into the laptop’s card reader. “I hit play, and we walk out of here and make our way north. Might wanna pack a parka.” Sara smiled as Jeanie gave a small smirk. Jeanie didn’t really need to worry about such matters, only making sure that her components didn’t overheat. Now getting them cool, that was a different matter entirely. For Jeanie, the high Arctic would be Tee-shirt and jeans weather. “There, it’s done,” Sara said as she backed away from her laptop. “I knew antiquated tech would slip in under the satellite security system’s radar. Just press play…” Sara hit a key combination on the laptop, rose to her feet and picked up her duffel bag. “Grab your things, we should leave. The security net will tag this location once the broadcast goes out. I want to be long gone when that happens.”

“Way ahead of you,” Jeanie said as she slung a duffel bag over her shoulder. “I think I remember you getting the hover bike recharged before you brought me in here.”

“Let’s go,” Sara said as she wrapped her arm around Jeanie’s shoulders. “We’ve got a brand new life to look forward to among the ice, snow and polar bears.” The pair quickly exited the small bunker. Dim light within made the quiet seem eerie. Three vid screens along a back wall flickered to life, each was connected to the satellite network. Normally, when a global transmission went out, a vid screen turned on automatically. The screen flickered for a moment, then focused as Sara’s face came into view.

“My name is Sara Cloverfield,” the video began. “I’m a former operative with the NSA…”

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