21 Days Until Spring

01 Mar

Today is March 1st, and usually that’s when the thoughts of spring come to mind.

However, when I look out my window or read the weather, spring is furthest from my mind.  The streets, sidewalks, alleyways and even rooftops are covered in snow.  Last night it reached -40 Celsius and today at 11:20 (as I write this) it’s still -31 Celsius.

That’s mid winter deep freeze as I remember it from my childhood.  March is supposed to be about things melting, and slush and soupy road conditions.  The sun is getting up earlier and earlier, and it sets later and later as we head into March, but it’s not helping with the constant cold that has engulfed us all.

Winter is often the time when I feel my lowest, and the cold and darkness doesn’t help.  Spring is a time of hope and often helps me and I feel a lot better.  The cold, however, still doesn’t help.  Spring is to be about getting your bike out and preparing to ride (though, I do know several people who ride their bikes no matter the weather and do so every single day of the year come rain, snow or shine).  It’s supposed to be about baseball and gardening.  Preparing for the spring seeding.  Waiting with hope for the first flowers to bloom.

Winter is like the long death, as everything hibernates for several months.  A sort of gloomy dormancy.

But we’re still 21 days until the first official day of spring.  I don’t hold this hope that suddenly on March 21st spring will wipe the snow clean and things will automatically turn green.  It’s gradual.  But it’s that gradual aspect that tells a person that it’s almost here, the warm weather is coming.  We’re safe and we’re whole.

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