Thoughts and Ideas: Part Two

16 Mar

Black Mask & Pale Rider, the rewrite and what has become Tales of Six Gun & Sorcery.  The series of stories originally followed two elven women, Shani Wennemein and Pania Alow, through the Union and into the Confederacy and back again.

The following contains new ideas, which includes the Furies, twin sisters that speak in rhyme and a dracolich.


There is a change I’d like to make but I’m not so sure.  It would open up a great aspect of the elves and just how far back in their history they go.  In part of the original story, Shani and Pania face off against a Lich (an undead Lord) in a high noon style street gun fight.  But dealing with a Lich should be more epic.  The idea is that Shani, Pania, Wren, Abisayo will be joined by Clayton, Aurela and one of Aurela’s friends from the brothel, a young black woman, to track down the Lich.  But it turns out the Lich is just using a human form.

In reality, they discover a dracolich.

A dracolich, used most often in Dungeons and Dragons, resembles an actual dragon, but as they age their body decomposes and it begins to look more like a corpse.  A dracolich has all of the abilities of a dragon, and most of the abilities of a lich.  This means the dracolich could take a humanoid form (as has been an ability of dragons in different cultural folklore).

Suddenly, that’s a lot more power than what one might expect.  So I’m torn if the small group should call upon a larger group.

The idea is that Pania, being a herald, would call upon a cry of vengeance.  This cry, spoken in ancient Greek, would draw the attention of a select group of elves.  A very powerful, very feared group of elves.  In many cultures they had many names, but in Greece they were known as the Erinyes; the Furies.

The Furies are lead by Queen and General Trianna N’Tir.  She, and all her Furies, are a race of elves called the Mystos.  They appear with pure white hair, dark grey blueish skin, and red eyes.  They’d look a lot like Drow, from D&D, to be honest.  When Trianna appears, she is flanked by her personal guard, her twin daughters Thradra and Threna N’Tir.  The N’Tir twins have a rather eerie reputation as being assassins and adding to that being able to speak completely in rhyme, as one would speak the opening stanza, with the other speaking the rhyming stanza.  One does not speak without the other.  They are also mirror images of each other.  If one styles their hair in a certain way, the other will style it too look as though they are the mirror image of the sister.  Also, if one acquires a scar or a wound, the other will give themselves a scar or wound on the opposite side of their own body to reflect the pain of the other.

In other words, they’re kind of creepy.

But as Trianna would see the dracolich, she wouldn’t shrink back with fear, but instead call upon a portion of her army.  And five hundred Furies, armoured in the typical Greek and Roman armour of ancient myth, armed with longbows, gladius, spears and pulling siege weapons with them.

I’m just worried if this would be a bit much, or if it would actually be something that would be an interesting read.

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