Writing teaser! Black Mask & Pale Rider

09 Apr

From Tales of Six Gun and Sorcery, here’s a look into the rewrite of Wild Wild West, where Shani and Pania fight a lich.  In this, Shani and Pania are joined by Wren and Abisayo, Clayton “Slowhand” Adams, Aurela Dorchester, Ellen Jackson, and Captain Samuel Williams and his men.  Putting aside the hunt to bring Shani and Pania to justice, Captain Williams has a hard time believing what he sees when the four elves reveal the lich is in reality a dracolich, nestled in a small valley just north west of Bloomington, Indiana.  Pania sent out a heraldry and summoned the General of the Erinyes, Queen Trianna N’Tir.

Williams watched the dark skinned woman dressed in the finest robes as he slowly rose to his feet.  Flanking either side of her were two soldiers, dressed in gleaming black and red armour, with long flowing red cloaks, their helmets were perfect as the red plumes waved lazily in the light breeze.  They seemed to be watching everyone and everything as they stood beside their queen.

“Who’re those two?” Williams asked of Shani, not taking his eyes off of the two soldiers.

“Them?” Shani replied with a whisper.  “They’re Queen N’Tir’s personal guard.  They hold the highest rank o’ the Furies.  They also happen ta be the twin daughters o’ Queen N’Tir.”

Williams finally turned to face Shani.  “They seem like they’re tough in a fight.”

Shani chuckled lightly as she slapped Williams’ arm.  “Thet there is an understatement, son.”  She took a deep breath and whispered again.  “Ya know those stories thet parents tell their children ta make sure they b’have themselves.  Tell ‘em ifn they ain’t good, thet somethin’ monstrous is gonna git ‘em?”  Williams nodded his head slowly, confirming he’d heard some of those same stories when he was a child.  “Those stories, well, they’re ‘bout Thradra an’ Threna.  An’ they’re all true.”

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