So it is Easter

20 Apr

Apologies to John Lenon for twisting the title of the song “So it is Christmas”.  Well, not really, it fits.

A lot of people are hearing about Easter messages of peace, especially from the Pope who is calling for an end to conflicts in the Ukraine, and in the terrorist attacks against Christians in Nigeria.  I think the ante should be upped on that to include an end to the terrorist attacks, those being the drone attacks, in Yemen, Pakistan and other locations in the Middle East and Western Asia.  Followers of Islam deserve just as much peace as Christians do, and the living under the constant fear of being killed in a drone attack is a kind of terror I cannot imagine.

This is also a time that Christians need to remember this one thing.  This time of year is symbolic to when Christ was crucified on the cross and rose again three days later to enter the Kingdom of Heaven body and soul.  With his death, He said, let the veil be lifted and the old laws be no more.  He died for our sins, so we would not have to make a sacrifice to God as we once did.  So all those laws in Leviticus, null and void thanks to Christ’s crucifixion.  And to those who continue to repeat that Christ would not have supported a socialist health care system, women, or gays, Christ was probably the biggest hippie socialist in the Bible.  He would have been on the front lines of protest marches against corporate health care, big pharmaceuticals, GMOs, and been a huge anti-war advocate.  He would have joined women during the Slut Walks that happened across the world, He would have joined those in the midst of the Arab Spring, He’d be against the constant drone attacks overseen by the United States.  Christ would have been the first to stand up against those attempting to ban same same sex marriage and those who would try to strip rights away from transgender people.

Christ would have been against corporate America in all it’s shapes and forms.

In other words, the current administration that rules in the United States today, would have seen Christ as a radical element.

Think about that for a moment.

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