24 Apr

I guess spring is officially here.  It rained yesterday, cleaning up all the crappy things, the dirt, the snow, the dirty snow.  And it left huge puddles, because, for some reason, Saskatchewan communities haven’t yet figured out how to properly manage sewer and road infrastructure.  Not every community, but quite a few.  I do realize that part of the problem is that we live in a province that deals with extreme temperatures, and permafrost is a thing here.  Ground gets cold, so do things on the ground, then they thaw and crack and need repair.  It’s an annual practise.

While it has been rainy, it hasn’t been exactly warm.  It’s been about 5 Celsius (with the exception of Monday, which was 15 Celsius and it was awesome).  This does not seem to be changing any time before next week.

I shouldn’t complain, the days are getting longer, it is warmer than January’s -30 Celsius.  I’ve been getting a bit more motivated to actually write.  Jotting down things here and there and even picked up a recorder to record ideas when I’m walking.  Nice to live in a place where there’s a Source (Radio Shack).

At least now, I can sit on my balcony (with an umbrella) and have my coffee without shivering from the cold.  At least, not too much.  It still gets a little cold, after all.  Just not -30 cold.

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