Bomani Jones goes deeper in Donald Sterling story

02 May

I don’t talk about basketball.  Like, at all.  I’m not even an outside fan.  I can barely remember that the Memphis Grizzlies at one time were the Vancouver Grizzlies (I had to look that up).  But this story, about the Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, is bigger than his recorded comments that led to his ban in the NBA.  Bomani Jones, a columnist who nine years ago wrote a piece about Donald Sterling’s racist comments and actions.  Instead of me detailing it, I’ll run the clip with Jones talking about it.

Racism in any sport is disgusting.  But Donald Sterling’s comment isn’t something new.

And for those saying that the NBA and the media is violating Sterling’s First Amendment Rights, hold the phone.  The NBA and the media is not the government.  The NBA and the media is calling Donald Sterling out on his racist crap.  Does Donald Sterling have the right to make his comments?  Sure.  Does the NBA have the right to ban him for Donald Sterling’s racist comments?  Oh, you better believe they do.  Say your racist stuff all you want, but don’t cry foul when someone else calls you out on it.

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