Heroic League Project: Shatter, Shadow Falcon, & B Bios

17 May

“I’m more patriotic than many of you are!  I’m more Canadian than any of you, yet you claim it more just because I’m black.”

Real Name: Erika LaFayette
Born: June 15, 1974, Taber, Alberta
Affiliations: Canadian Armed Forces
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 165 lbs
Powers: Military trained combat, both proficient with small arms and hand to hand, combat medicine
Current residence: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Erika has a huge patriotic streak.  Almost to a fault.  She loves her country and always though of joining the Canadian Armed Forces to uphold the ideals of the nation.  Things became very different when she enlisted.  She dealt with a great deal of sexist and racist comments.  These, however, did not deter her from continuing her career as both a soldier and a medic.  After many tours of duty in far off places such as Rwanda, Haiti, Iraq, Somalia, and eventually into Afghanistan, her view of the world and even how the world views her country changed.  She didn’t hate her country, but she wanted to change how the world sees her country.  And that meant by changing the country itself.  No small task.  Thanks to the rise of other super heroes through the 1970s and 1980s, she donned a costume and gave herself the name Shatter.  Her work did include stopping street criminals, but it mostly included helping victims.  Tending to the needs of the homeless and those who society forgot (or would like to forget).  This didn’t stop when she met Shadow Falcon, and after a rocky introductory period, and dealing with her own PTSD and coming to terms with Shadow Falcon’s own PTSD, she eventually fell in love and married Shadow Falcon.

“A picture tells a thousand words.  I just wish I could forget the scenes of 95% of the photos I’ve taken.”

Shadow Falcon
Real Name: Michael Saunders
Born: May 12, 1972, Weyburn, Saskatchewan
Affiliations: Canadian Press, Leader Star News Services, Broadcast News
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 145 lbs
Powers: Boxing, hand to hand ability, gynastics
Current residence: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Michael Saunders always sought, what he thought, would be an exciting life as a photojournalist.  His first few years, however, were more akin to a scenery photographer who published coffee table books (which he did, because a guy’s gotta eat).  He began expanding his photo portfolio after he began chasing ambulances and fire trucks, using a mask and dark clothes to conceal his identity.  This changed when he arrived to the scene of a fire, and saved the lives of three children trapped near the back of a burning building.  Because he was wearing a Tee-shirt with a red falcon on the front, they called him some kind of Shadow Falcon.  The name stuck.  He parlayed this into a crime fighting spree, often teaming with Shatter.  Eventually, his career as a photographer got him noticed, and he was sent to war torn areas to take photos and send back the footage to the Canadian Press.  The experience changed him.  Thanks to this, he suffers greatly from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and severe depression.  Thankfully, Shatter knew his condition and helped him, just as much as he helped her.  The two eventually were married.

“She doesn’t need to sit in a jail cell, she needs to go to the hospital, goddammit.”  ~Shatter, talking about B

Real Name: unknown, possibly Belinda Mayers
Born: Uncertain, though she holds August 2 as an important date
Affiliations: none
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 115 lbs
Powers: can create light particles that distract and blind and can phase through walls
Current residence: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Belinda, or B as she is known, is a homeless woman.  She doesn’t reveal much of her past life, as she takes a very long time to trust anyone.  B is a drug addict, and often used her abilities to find her next score.  It’s believed B was kicked out of her home when she was a teenager, and many believe she lived in British Columbia, though that has never been confirmed.  Her Saskatoon residences shift between the YWCA, the Salvation Army women’s shelter, the Saskatoon Indian and Metis Friendship Center and the rehab unit of Royal University Hospital.  Many times she has been institutionalized only to escape thanks to her powers.  No one knows if there is anything that can hold her in a cell, but many psychologists have stated she is more a danger to herself than to anyone else.  Often she has been seen helping people.  At her lowest, she faced off against Shatter and the Shadow Falcon.  At a time when she was trying to get money to get her next fix, she was subdued by Shatter, who then, along with Shadow Falcon, defended her from the police.  While presently, B is better and has even managed to apply for disability, she is not completely well.  B has her own house in Vanscoy, just outside Saskatoon, and Erika and Michael keep tabs on her and visit her each weekend.  Sometimes the three even go out together and stop crime.

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