Heroic League Project: Dr. Fadra Englen and Dr. Fena Englen

18 May

“I swear to Allah, if you do not get out of this surgical theater I will make you scrub and assist.”

Dr. Fadra Englen
Real Name: Fadra Englen
Born: January 15, 1974, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Affiliations: Canadian Medical Association, The Association of Canadian Medical Faculties, Canadian Health Care Association, Saskatchewan Medical Association, Shock Treatment Air Rescue Society (STARS), Medical Genetics Research Group – Saskatchewan, Medical Genetics Research Group – Manitoba
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 210 lbs
Powers: Regenerative abilities, increased strength, excellent vision, excellent hearing
Current residence: Silver Spring, Saskatchewan
Fadra has always had a fascination for genetics since she was a girl.  The oldest daughter of Palestinian immigrants, she was born with a genetic mutation that doctors later learned had similar traits to that found in panthera tigris; the common tiger.  Physical changes gave her heightened strength, better than average hearing and vision, and it is still unknown why she has a regenerative ability, but wounds she receives heal over a rapid amount of time.  Hey eyes are yellow with cat like features, and her nails grow more like claws, and there is also a tell tale markings of what looks like tiger striping on her skin.  Her hair also grows at an incredible rate, which she keeps tucked neatly under her hijab.  It was thanks to her genetic mutation that she became interested in a career in medicine.  Graduating from med school at the University of Saskatchewan, she took a posting at the Silver Spring Hospital on the Whitecap Dakota First Nation due to it’s close proximity to the Canada Light Source Synchrotron in Saskatoon.  Fadra has become the go to doctor for the super hero community.  She is often consulted when those who have genetic mutations come forward, as she treats her patients like a person and not a test subject.  The super hero community came to her defense after the events of 9/11 when CSIS, the RCMP, the FBI, the CIA and MI5 wanted to question her about her affiliation with Muslim extremists.  She is a follower of Islam, and many authorities believed she had connection to terrorist activities (which she doesn’t).  Fadra is a volunteer doctor on call with the Shock Treatment Air Rescue Society (STARS), and has often gone into the air with the air ambulance helicopters that service Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

“Yeah, I’m a marine biologist.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t know classical poetry.  Get a fuckin’ library card and take out a book sometime, maybe you’ll find the stick shoved up your ass while you’re at it.”

Dr. Fena Englen
Real Name: Fena Englen
Born: December 5, 1978, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Affiliations: Greenpeace, New Summit Environmental – Nova Scotia, Econet – Saskatchewan, Manitoba Econetwork, Canadian Environmental Network, Climate Action Network, David Suzuki Foundation
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 200 lbs
Powers: Regenerative abilities, increased strength, excellent vision, excellent hearing
Current residence: Halifax, Nova Scotia
The second and youngest daughter of Palestinian immigrants, Fena is much like her sister, Fadra, having grown up with the same genetic mutation.  There are differences between the sisters; while Fadra is a moderate Muslim and does wear the hijab, Fena does not; Fadra is a vegetarian while Fena is a vegan; Fadra took an interest in human genetics while Fena was more interested in the natural world (which began with the chant of Save The Whales).  Fena became a biologist in order to study the effects mankind was having on the world.  She believed the continued and increased mining and use of fossil fuels was something that would increase genetic mutations not only in land and sea animals, but in humans as what had happened to herself and her sister.  She became politically active and defends the realities of climate change, and is a member of Greenpeace.  Often she has boarded the ships that have gone to protest open sea oil drilling, and has volunteered for cleanup after an oil spill takes place.  She has become a voice of the environment, going to the media whenever a spill takes place, often fighting the corporation that is trying to keep it quiet.  Fena being a Muslim is just icing on the cake for some national security organizations, as she’s already on the terrorist watch list for her association with Greenpeace.  Often called the Tiger of the Sea by NSA and CSIS officials, she is branded an eco-terrorist.  Though no organization has any evidence that can be used to hold her for any wrong doing as they have no evidence of such wrong doing.

NOTE: Fena and Fadra both have very feline like teeth, with large canines almost like fangs, they enjoy smiling at each other when they meet, displaying in a wide grin their teeth to each other.  It’s become a thing the two do, and has nothing to do with tigers at all.  Some who know them believe they actually enjoy some of the unsettled looks they get from people.

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