Tales of Six Gun & Sorcery: The Paladin

14 Jun

The following is a short story to help give an idea of the motivations of each characters that appear in the Black Mask & Pale Rider series.  All will be written in the first person.  This is Abisayo Temililou.

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I was born in Western Africa, a child to the Yoruba, in what the humans would come to call Nigeria.

When I was a child, I had been told that being a princess was not just a privilege of birth, it was a duty to be an example for our people.  I was to learn everything I could in order to take my place on the throne when I came of age.

But I didn’t want to become queen.  I wanted to be a protector of my people.

I told my parents when I turned 50, this is what I wanted.  I wished for my brother to take up the duties and responsibilities of the throne, and I wanted to take up the role of champion for my people.  Not for fame or glory, but it was the right thing to do.

I’d grown up learning of the stories of great knights and noble warriors who would sacrifice even their last slices of bread to help someone in need.  How they put the needs of others above their own.  To me, this was the greatest thing I could do.

Years later, when the ships came and began taking away the humans, some of my elven people were also kidnapped.  My parents decided that it was time we retreated to the elven ancestral home.  But I chose to stay.  There were elves who had been taken to Turtle Island, to be used as slaves for the colonizers who had stolen that land.

I forged my blades, I crafted my own pistols, and I dressed in the garb of one of the colonizers in order to champion freedom of my people.  I thought I’d never see my parents again.

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