Guild Wars 2 and writing

16 Jul

My writing hasn’t been doing very well lately, but I’ve managed to find a way to help it along.  Summer’s here, which has also helped a bit, though I also am getting out more considering there’s more sun.

However, one thing I’ve actually taken up is writing in the world of Guild Wars 2.  It’s a video game that’s set in the world of Tyria.  There are five races, and a rich history that goes along with the world.  Elements that mirror fantasy, steampunk, the old west, and science fiction.  All told, it’s an interesting world and one that really seemed to mesh well with my own characters I had created.  Sadly, elf is not one of the races available in the game, but that’s fine.

In a way, it’s a form of fan fiction writing, but writing fan fiction helps with other writing.  Plus it can get you into a groove to write again by sparking ideas for any original pieces that one might have.  For now, this is quite helpful.

What I’ve been writing has been short, and part of the game’s content, especially with how ArenaNet releases patches of content every two weeks.  Right now, they’re in the middle of Season Two of the Living World, which is most likely (spoiler alert) going to see another Elder Dragon rise.

If you want, check it out.  I’ve posted it all at it’s own blog space.

Shani Wennemein, Sheriff of Prosperity

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