A Marvel movie that should be made

22 Aug

Marvel Studios (as previously mentioned) is on a massive role with their movie properties.  They’ve hammered out several movies, all within the same universe, all leading up to one massive story line.  Why not get ready for a new set of heroes to come to the forefront.


Captain Marvel and Spider-woman.

You could even go so far as to just call the movie Captain Marvel, and have Spider-woman as the added hero as seems to be the trend in the Marvel movie franchise.  So far it’s been a series of dudes as side kicks or appearances in the main movies (War Machine, Hawkeye, Bucky, Falcon), with even minor characters who play a very important role not even taking the center stage in the title.  I mean, do you think we’re ever going to have a Nick Fury movie?

But Captain Marvel could set the stage for something new and different.  Adding to the already new and different Ant-Man & Wasp I suggested earlier.  This could be the Marvel movie that turns things on it’s head.  In the comics, Captain Marvel becomes leader of the Avengers, so it’s a natural stepping point.  Spider-woman could even be an agent of Hydra that Carol manages to convince to quit and join her in destroying a Hydra cell.  Carol could even be a fighter pilot (as she’s depicted in the comics), could have gotten her powers at some point through the attack on New York in Avengers.  Carol could see potential in Jessica Drew and instead of fighting to put Spider-woman behind bars, fights to free her from Hydra.  All of this would fit neatly into the existing Marvel Studios movie series.  It would also set it up nicely for a new cast of Avengers (Chris Evans has mentioned he doesn’t want to act for much longer).

Just think of it; a New Avengers team with Black Widow, Captain Marvel, Spider-woman, the aforementioned Wasp, and….


She-Hulk was created not to be the porn version of the Hulk (as Stan Lee himself pointed out by smashing David Goyer’s statement).  She was Bruce Banner’s cousin, and received her powers from an emergency blood transfusion from Banner.  So far, so good.  Jennifer Walters also remains in her green skinned, kick ass self ALL THE TIME!  The difference between the Hulk and She-Hulk is that Bruce is scared about his ability and it’s destructive nature, whereas She-Hulk finds it empowering.  She loves it and accepts it.  It also helps that she retains her mental capabilities while in She-Hulk form.  So yes, she can revert back to her normal looking Jennifer Walters look.  BUT SHE DOESN’T WANT TO!

This would be a good premise for a second (third) Hulk movie.  Jennifer could be the secondary hero, who eventually joins the ranks of the Avengers, using her cousin as a role model in a way (and Jennifer could conversely be a role model for Bruce, as she’s able to coexist with the big green rage monster within her).

So there you go, Marvel.  Two movie ideas to swing into a third Avengers movie.  Now go do it.

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