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This is Halloween

It’s drawing near to Halloween, and even in the fictional world of computer games are ghosts and goblins popping up.  Unless of course you play horror games, then that’s pretty standard fair all year round.  I decided to write a poem based on the events in Guild Wars 2 that have been brought back this Halloween season.


Tis that time, oh Halloween
The time of year for the Pumpkin King
So grab your pistols if you dare
And brave the world that would scare

Brave the evils that would fright
The creatures giving an awful sight
Show courage on this scare filled night
Avoid the minions that would bite

In this time of Halloween
When cats would cry and ghosts would scream
When the mist is thick, just like steam
Don’t you worry, don’t make a scene

The Mad King rises once again
With toys and games for all to claim
He’ll take you through a scarey game
Make sure you do just the same

But watch out for Edric, son of the Mad King
His voice is shrill, as he will sing
To bring about fear is his thing
And revenge is the ultimate scares in his ring

Tis that time of Halloween
When ghosts and ghouls share the scene
So grab your pistols if you dare
And brave the world that would scare

poem written by Tim Holtorf on the gaming world of Tyria in Guild Wars 2, based on the events from the Halloween event, screen shots from Guild Wars 2 using the character of Shani Wennemein in game.  Guild Wars 2 and all characters are copyright ArenaNet.

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