Random Friday

13 Feb

Today is Friday the 13th!  What better way to celebrate the day before Valentine’s Day than with a slasher film fest.  Make your Valentine smile by presenting him or her with the entire Friday the 13th series!  Here’s a roundup of crap I posted originally on tumblr.  And wait for it, because later today there’s gonna be a rant about crappy things that happened this week (namely, in North Carolina).


On the news today

Sun News Media, otherwise known as Fox News North, the extremely right wing cable news network in Canada, is now going off the air.

The cable news company, owned by Quebecor and also part of the Sun Newspaper Group, has been looking for buyers to purchase the struggling hews network for sometime.

Naturally, supporters of the network blamed the CRTC for not granting the news channel the same access to subscribers as similar news networks for CBC and CTV.  But while Sun News was available to 5.1 million Canadians, the network only attracted 8,000 viewers at any given time.

Sun News Network official went off the air this morning at 5:00 am ET.



Weird dreams make for odd story ideas

Yes, I’m going to describe a dream… sort of nightmare… which became rather comical.

Last night I dreamed my house was haunted.  Not just little spooks that say “boo”, I’m talking blood dripping from the walls, girl crawling out of my TV nightmarish stuff.

Except, at some point in the nightmare I realized it was a nightmare.  And to the girl crawling from my TV (which I don’t own one, it just was in my dream) I actually said at one point “if you’re gonna stay here, then you’re pulling your weight and paying rent”.

So, I suddenly came up with an idea for a story whereby three ghost haunt a house, but the guy who owns it ends up becoming sort of okay with that fact.  And the four of them live together as … kind of creepy roommates.

And I really have one scene in my head, a description of the outside of the house and everything’s quite.  Then suddenly there’s a muffled shout of “stop making the walls bleed, do you realize how hard that is to get out of the carpet”.

You know what’s great about waking up at 5:00 am on a Friday morning before a long weekend?

Not much, to be honest.  Coffee, maybe.

Looks at these adorable fennec foxes!

Because it’s Friday, and we need something adorable to look at!

That’s it!  If you’re in Canada, and especially Saskatchewan, enjoy the holiday Family Day long weekend.

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