GamerGate strikes again

23 Feb

I used to go to a certain website because it happened to have a few funny videos and had some discussion on video games.  That site was the Escapist Magazine.  I eventually went from watching funny flash cartoons and video game based web series (from a pair of Australians) to watching Zero Punctuation, then Loading Ready Run, the Unksippable, then Escape to the Movies, The Big Picture, and finally Jim Sterling’s Jimquisition and Loading Ready Run’s Feed Dump (there was also the Escapist News Network, run by Loading Ready Run, but that moved over to Ctrl Alt Del or Penny Arcade, can’t remember which, been a while since I watched it).

About a month or so ago, Jim Sterling’s show, along with a show he did with Yatzhee (Zero Punctuation) was cancelled.  This past week, Escape to the Movies was axed and the week before, The Big Picture.

And there is an indication that pro-GamerGate supporters are behind this.  Those same individuals will decry that MovieBob and Jim Sterling were dumping all over the primary audience of the Escapist, but those same individuals must also have forgotten that they aren’t the majority.  Video games and the audience is changing.

But GamerGate got rid of MovieBob from the Escapist.  Sure, Bob said some problematic things (we all do at some point in time, we just have to recognize that).  I’ll agree to that as long as GamerGaters also admit something.  Their movement began as an attack against a woman because she had sex.  A whiny pissbaby of an ex-boyfriend got bent out of shape over it, and it became a movement of the most asinine.  But GamerGate, now thanks to the Escapist Magazine ditching Jim Sterling and MovieBob, has taken on a new hat (fedora or trilby).

The fascist aspect of censorship.  That’s right, GamerGate has now got censorship under it’s belt.  No freedom of speech for anyone unless it’s the type they like.  Nothing like adding that to your already ugly list of things GamerGaters don’t like.  Hell, they already have racism and sexism on their side.  May as well tag them with the big F for fascism now.  They’ve covered censorship, after all.

And you know what.  I really don’t give a shit if Jim Sterling has said some really awful things in the past.  Sterling can be pretty in your face, and sometimes I don’t agree with him.  I also don’t agree with Rush Limbaugh or Don Cherry and think they’re pretty horrible, but I don’t cry out that their shows should be pulled from the air.  GamerGate wants integrity in video game journalism, but only if it agrees with them.

Agree or disagree with Bob Chipman or Jim Sterling, doesn’t matter.  GamerGate got them pulled, which means they’ve achieved fascist standards of censorship.  No free speech for Bob or Jim, because they aren’t saying what we want them to say, would be something GamerGate would probably say just not in public.  Or hell, they probably would, considering that’s what a bunch of whiny pissbaby’s do.

To think, this began as one guy who got bent out of shape because his ex had sex.  And yes, I know she had sex with a guy who wrote game reviews.  That’s not the fuckin’ point.  He got bent out of shape because she had sex.  And now, GamerGate has become filled with censorship, scaring off newcomers into the gaming world, and basically setting back standards for gaming into the 1970s.

But I don’t expect GamerGate to change, because the supporters and the organization itself has it’s head firmly shoved up it’s ass.  Congratulations.  You wanted integrity.  But you went overboard and did what any authoritarian dictator does with those who don’t agree with them.  You censored them.  You silenced them.


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2 responses to “GamerGate strikes again

  1. gamesthatiplay

    February 23, 2015 at 7:51 pm

    ZeroPunctuation, now the only thing keeping the Escapist alive. To think…. they once had an expo, but so did a lot of websites. I’m pretty sure Jim wanted to leave. Every time he talks about them in his Let’s Plays he has restrained complains they’re just like every other fake news site. Other videos he complains that he never gets review copies 😦 I’m not sure Sterling really believes in anything so much as he believes in finding a unique angle to something everyone is talking about.

    As for Bob, I stopped watching him back when he was on Screw Attack. His game videos just got awful. 3 part videos about him wandering in the woods. He should do what he wants, but I just didn’t like where he went with his videos. Either did Screw Attack.

  2. Tim

    February 23, 2015 at 11:22 pm

    I never watched his gaming videos, but I liked The Big Picture that he did.

    In the end, if this was about the company (being the Escapist) felt there was friction between themselves and Bob, then that’s one thing. But if it was to appease a very toxic movement like GamerGate, then they got someone fired who wasn’t doing anything other than critiquing pop culture. And a critique is nothing more than an opinion in the end.


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