Far Beyond the Galaxy: Episode 6

15 Apr

Last time, Captain S’Returru D’Magio was about to tell the tale of how she had to cut off her own tail to a group of Charr around a campfire in Butcher’s Block.


Everything seemed just too easy. The five Ferasan beamed into the facility, bypassed the security locks and headed into the main computer core without being detected by the Jem’Hadar. Gamma quadrant Jem’Hadar were used for the security, not Cardassian or Alpha Jem’Hadar. They were better trained and more diligent with their security. But one tactic they used was to lull an enemy into a false sense of security.

Still, D’Magio lead her group through the hallways of the old way station until they reached the computer core. H’radda was the one who began to work, breaking through encryption codes and security walls. All the while, M’rella kept watch, listening for any movement at all. The blessing of Ferasan physiology, the ability to hear that which many other species across the Alpha Quadrant couldn’t. It was even better than some of the Jem’Hadar.

“Got it!” H’radda said with a triumphant growl. “Beginning download now. It should be only two minutes.”

“Two minutes longer than I’d like to be,” K’miir said with a hiss. “This isn’t the usual job we take on.”

“It’s alright, sister,” D’Magio said with a nod. “I’d say our freedom from a prison cell is a good pay off. Besides, the risk isn’t any different than what it has been from any other job.”

“No other job included Jem’Hadar,” M’rella said.

“Oh, you’re forgetting about that freighter we hit three months ago,” S’ril said with a grin. “The True Way vessel that was infected with tribbles.”

“Good point,” M’rella replied. “It was nice to have roasted tribble instead of targ meat for a change.” The five had a good chuckle, but it was K’miir who held up a warning hand.

“Movement,” she said as she listened to the quiet room, with only the buzzing and beeps from the computers. “There!” she said as she raised her disruptor rifle and fired. Four Jem’Hadar soldiers decloaked and fell in an instant, K’miir’s disruptor blasts killing them instantly.

“Faster, H’radda,” D’Magio said as she gritted her teeth. “Four Jem’Hadar means there’s bigger patrols out there.”

“Got it!” H’radda said as he pocketed his tricorder and grabbed his weapon. “Enough data to keep the Federation happy and leave us alone.”

“Let’s go,” D’Magio said as she began to take point. “Keep your ears open, there’s most likely other Jem’Hadar to worry about.” The five moved quickly but carefully through the hallways toward the shuttlebay. The tension had suddenly grown more intense since they beamed in. With the knowledge of increased security, things had become a great deal more difficult. It didn’t make it any better that each door they encountered was locked.

“They’re toying with us,” H’radda said as he worked on the lock. “They know we’re here they just want us to become unsettled.”

“Well it’s working,” M’rella said with a growl that turned into a loud roar. She lifted her weapon as she aimed back down the hallway.

“It’s a tactic,” D’Magio said, even though there was a growl in her voice. “They’re doing it just to rattle our cage.” She gazed down the hallway and saw just a glimmer of movement. A small amount, but enough. She opened fire and a Jem’Hadar soldier fell lifelessly to the floor. The rest of the Ferasan crew not working on the door began to open fire, and more of the soldiers materialized into view, falling dead.

“It’s open!” H’radda said as the doors to the shuttlebay opened up. “Let’s go!” One by one, the five began to move into the shuttlebay. D’Magio stayed firm, firing down the hallway to cover their escape. She was the last and finally turned to step through the door. But felt a tug on her tail, turning to see a Jem’Hadar soldier holding it tight, and then pressing the locking mechanism on the door. The heavy doors closed tightly on D’Magio’s tail and she roared in agony.

S’ril rushed back to see to her captain as H’radda worked on the door. The locking mechanism was a bit more difficult. “It’ll take too long,” D’Magio roared as she pulled a D’k tahg from it’s sheath on her belt. “Just cut it off and let’s go!” Both H’radda and S’ril looked to each other for a moment, took a deep breath and moved into action. H’radda held his captain’s hand tightly as S’ril took the D’k tahg and with a quick motion, cut D’Magio’s tail six inches from the base. D’Magio let out another loud roar as H’radda lifted her up.

“Get her to the shuttle,” S’ril said as they moved quicker. “Once we’re on board the Panthera, take her to the medical bay.”


The crowd around the campfire was captivated by D’Magio’s story, made even better with her additional roars and exaggerated arm movements to add to the story. The cub in T’Chall’s lap would often whisper a question to her, which the Caitian would try her best to answer. Once D’Magio’s story came to an end, T’Chall felt there was something missing.

“That was a captivating, and quite accurate telling of what happened on that day,” T’Chall said as she looked to D’Magio. For her part, the Ferasan captain nodded her head to T’Chall in thanks. “But, aren’t you forgetting something?” D’Magio furrowed her brow for a moment and stepped over to her Caitian counterpart.

“I’m afraid I was a little disoriented,” she said quietly. “Why don’t you fill them in. I mean, you may not have the flair for dramatics…”


The Federation starship Ocelot came full stop into the sector of space. They’d intercepted a distress hail from an unidentified vessel and went to investigate. It was a bit of a surprise that they would discover the SS Panthera. “Well,” T’Chall said from her command chair. “I had no idea this was the situation.” Through the forward view screen, the bridge crew could see the familiar B’Rel class vessel, currently in pitched battle with a Jem’Hadar assault vessel. The attack patterns did not look like those ordered by D’Magio, which was something very familiar to T’Chall. “F’aat, H’rwullu, H’Rill, H’Rollo. You’re with me. Naat, you have the bridge. Let’s go save D’Magio’s tail.”



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