Far Beyond the Galaxy: Episode 8

17 Apr

Last time, the stories were told, food was had, but there comes a time when the need to travel grows strong.  Also, the Federation starship Battleford joined the Ocelot and Panthera in an attempt to find the two captains.  The commanding officer of the Battleford; Admiral S’Rassi Turak, mother of S’Returru D’Magio and aunt to M’iaa T’Chall.

The three walked from Butcher’s Block, through the Wayfarer foothills without much of any incident. M’iaa seemed the most at home in the snow, letting the drifts bunch up between her claws (a fact not often discussed; Caitians do not like wearing footware, something Starfleet had tried to get changed but culturally it didn’t work).

“Reminds me of home,” she said with a wide grin. D’Magio looked over to her for a moment.

“I thought you were born on Earth.”

“I was,” M’iaa replied. “Winnipeg, Manitoba. Winters there are great. Wind can be a tad harsh. Andorians love it there, they say it’s like a summer vacation in January.”

Flintlock only shook her head as she listened. She kept them on track for over a mile until they ran into a familiar face. Another charr, heavily armoured, rather old looking, but carried himself in a dignified manner. He wore the familiar armour of the Durmond Priory. Grishnack Soulclaw, Priory Archavist, an old Iron Legion guardian who had seen his share of battle. Now his battle included information on how best to defeat the dragons.

“Flintlock Burnfur,” he called out as he approached the three. “Good to see you out and about. You Aunt tells me you’ve set up a home in Claypool.”

“That’s right, Archavist,” Flintlock said, using Grishnack’s formal title. “I have a small workshop out there, repairing pistols and rifles, and I do a lot of baking.”

“Just make sure you don’t confuse the two,” he replied with a chuckle. He looked toward the two traveling companions. “Who have you got here.”

“This is M’iaa,” Flintlock said as she motioned to the Caitian first. “And this is… S’Returru?” D’Magio nodded in reply. “They’re trying to get home, I offered to guide them to Rata Sum.” Grishnack nodded as he inspected the two with a cursory glance.

“You don’t seem too bothered that we aren’t like any species you’ve seen before,” M’iaa piped up.

“This is Tyria,” Grishnack said with a nod. “And I’ve lived a good number of years for a charr. I’ve stopped being surprised or shocked by seeing something new. Besides, the world of discovery is for the young. It’s just up to people like me to make sure it’s stored and cataloged.”

“Very progressive way of seeing things,” M’iaa replied.

Grishnack joined the three on their trek across the snow. This gave M’iaa and S’Returru a chance to ask questions; what are the charr like (when D’Magio heard strong and military minded, she perked up with excitment), how inventive they were, what this world was like. All questions that Grishnack said would be better off answered with a trip to the Priory library. Eventually, they came to the outskirts of Hoelbrak. For the two starship captains, the surrounding village looked simple, but inviting. It looked like a place they both could settle down in. Although, they did also take note of the gigantic size of the Norn. It would be one of the first times D’Magio truly felt dwarfed by another species.

“We’ll spend the night here,” Flintlock said as she motioned to one of the lodges. “We can get supplies for the journey to Rata Sum, then head through the gateway to Lion’s Arch.” Both captains agreed with a nod. Hopefully, while they worked on finding a way back on this side of the universe, someone on the other side was looking for a way to open a gateway for them.


Admiral S’Rassi walked briskly through the doors into cargo bay two. Her team, along with the science and engineering teams of the Ocelot and Panthera were working on setting up the recently acquired Iconanian gateway. The operation was not only by the book, it was precise and fast. Just the way S’Rassi had been known for. As she watched the crews, often reading over data results and offering some advice, she tapped her communications badge.

“S’Rassi to bridge,” she said in her usual calm voice. “Patch me through to the Ocelot and the Panthera.” Her operations officer complied and soon the voice of F’aat and S’Ril spoke up. “Aim all weapons on the Borg vessel and destroy it. We have what we need. We’ll then set a course for New Romulus. Our three ships can orbit the fifth planet of the system while we attempt to get this gateway powered. Once we’re in orbit, F’aat, S’Ril, I want you over here. S’Rassi out.” One way or another, she’d get her daughter back and her niece.


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