The Adventures of the Silver Fox: Episode 1

18 Apr


Ebonhawke. ‘Tis such an interesting place. There is the mark of aristocracy here, but without the aspect of stark division in class. Oh, there is the commonality of history that the nobles of Divinity’s Reach shares with those who made their mark in this far off corner of Tyria. Still under control of the charr, yet this one bastion of humanity still stands before all.

And what of the people. Merchants, nobles, common folk, all mingle as one. A far different thing than in the likes of Krytan cities (Lion’s Arch notwithstanding mind you). At one time, an impenetrable fortress that stood against the toughest of charr ingenuity. I mean, one has to respect the fortitude and resourcefulness of the charr. But to be human and stand against such thing for nearly 300 years, well that is something that is to be commended.

Yet, when the peace treaty negotiations began, it was not Renegades who attacked the markets and interiors of Ebonhawke. It was Separatists. Humans, who would bomb the very markets they once walked through. Attacking other humans. Not charr, but other humans. Tactics of fear, that what it is. Of course, it’s a tactic to cause doubt in the minds of the people about Her Royal Highness, Queen Jennah. This, naturally, comes from those jealous of her right to rule.

Those being sitting members of the Krytan Ministry.

Which is where I come in.

A blade and a pistol, my face covered in a mask, I will leave my mark on those who would dare to destroy the peace that we have forged. I vow to aid those in dire need, whether they be human, charr, asura, Sylvari or norn. I will take up the reins when time comes to bring evidence of wrong doing to light. I will become the sword and the shield for those that the Ministry attempts to silence.

However, there are times when enemies become allies. And even those who would not aid some one such as me whom I will stand up for and defend. I am not certain if the denizens of the Wayrest would be such that would find me… difficult. Though I have had conversations with some of them before. With this guise, they may not be aware of just who I am. The Ebon Vanguard? There are those who would arrest me, but those who are also sympathetic to my cause. And they do not have strings attached to the Ministry.

There are those within the Ministry who are attempting change. Those same would say that these things take time. Sadly, the people have been waiting for a very long time, and it is almost at the point where they will wait no more. While nobles sip wine and eat crackers from the comfort of their sheltered and well guarded mansions, there are those within the lands who face the dangers that those in the Ministry pay to have happen.

Imagine, our very people, used as a tool to dethrone a queen. This is not the actions of a benevolent government. These are the actions of power hungry nobles who would rule with an iron fist. Who would dare to wage a war that we may very well lose. I will keep these writings tucked away in a safe place, written in a hand that is not my usual, not only to save my own identity, but to protect those near and dear to me.

I wage a personal war. One that many would say I will lose. But if my actions are to inspire those to rise up against the real tyranny, then so be it.


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