Far Beyond the Galaxy: Episode 9

20 Apr

Last time, T’Chall, D’Magio and Flintlock had begun to make their way to Hoelbrak.  And across the void of space, the search for the two missing captains had begun.

It had been a long day of travel, and the two captains looked forward to getting some rest.  Flintlock took them to the Great Lodge where they would find some comfortable beds to rest before taking the gateway to Lion’s Arch.  Sleep was more than inviting.  Fortunately, both T’Chall and D’Magio wore their makeshift robes to detract any attention.  Once they had their beds selected, the three stored their gear and prepared for bed.

It wasn’t long before they were roused from their sleep.

T’Chall was the first to wake, hearing shouts from further in the lodge.  These weren’t the shouts of celebration or the laughter of those partaking in a story of victory or triumph; these were angry and violent shouts.  T’Chall moved from her bed and shook Flintlock’s shoulder to wake her up.  The young charr woke with a start, then wiped the sleep from her eyes.

“What’s goin’ on?” she said, then heard the shouts and looked to T’Chall.  She looked back in the direction of the noise and whispered.  “Sounds like a couple of Sons of Svanir have made their way inside.”

“Son’s of Svanir?” T’Chall asked as she roughly shook D’Magion’s shoulder.  The Ferasan woke with a start and let out a growl.  She was about to lash out for being woken so rudely, then heard the loud shouting.  “What’s a Son of Svanir?”

“Followers of Jormag,” Flintlock said quietly.  “An elder dragon.  Story goes that a Norn named Svanir accepted the corrupted power of Jormag.  His sister Jora rejected it, and had to hunt her brother down and kill him.  To this day, the Sons of Svanir do not respect Norn women.  Or any females to be honest.  Not much unlike the Flame Legion, but for different reasons.”

The three grabbed their bladed weapons; Flintlock her daggers, and T’Chall and D’Magio their Bat’Leths.  Quietly they crept closer to the sounds of shouting.  As they neared, they saw two large Norn men standing over top of another.  A third Norn man had a Norn woman down on the ground, holding her wrists in his hands.  Flintlock stepped into the light.

“You know, people are really trying to sleep,” she said with a great deal of annoyance.  “Plus, I doubt you’re looking to go on a hunt with either of those two.”  Flintlock looked to the man on the ground and the woman that was restrained.  Both of them looked no older than 18.  17 at the most.

“Go back to bed, Charr,” one of the Sons said with a growl.  “This doesn’t concern you.”

“It does when it wakes us up in a rude manner,” T’Chall called out as she stood in the light.  D’Magio stepped out on the left side of Flintlock and took her Bat’Leth from her back and held it in a defensive pose.

“Well, well,” the Norn scoffed.  “Looks like some women want to play.”


Flekk gave orders to his krew, directing them to place supplies in the right areas.  He was a younger Asuran, but had managed to prove his worth by showing his brilliance to the three colleges.  His krew worked like a well oiled machine.  In his lab, he had a prototype gateway, one that didn’t function on the power of the Eternal Alchemy, but on the energy of the sun.  With his krew, he managed to create solar collectors to store energy.  Now he was looking for a way to update the current gateway network to make it more safe for travel.

“Make sure those scanners are operational,” he called out as he looked over the schematics.  “I want every single reading to be monitored.

One of his krew members came to his side.  “We’re ready to make the first test, Flekk.  On your mark.”

Flekk nodded and turned to his console, tapping several command codes.  He turned his attention back to the gateway, making sure that the scanners were aligned and taking readings.  The gateway flashed to life, filling the small chamber with a brilliant purple light.  It looked more stable than other gateways.  But there was something else.

“Do you see that?” he called out.  “In the gateway?”  His krew took a brief moment to look to the gateway.  Through the portal it had created, just fainly all could see another lab, as what appeared to be krew members busily working on something.  Perhaps a gateway.  This irritated Flekk, he was the one who had developed this technology.  It must be the Inquest.  He hopped down from his console and stepped closer to the gateway.  They definitely weren’t Inquest.  They almost appeared human.

He was completely taken by surprise when the figure working on … whatever it was, looked directly at him.  This figure looked human, but appeared to have implants on her face.  The figure motioned to another, and a very tall humanoid figure stepped into view.  The figure looked directly at Flekk for a moment, then tapped out something on what appeared to be a notepad.  She affixed something to it and then…

The pad bounced on the ground in front of Flekk.  His krew members gasped in surprise.  He looked up to the figure through the gateway, and she seemed to mouth ‘well, pick it up’.  Flekk did so.  As he did, the notepad chirped and suddenly spoke.  “Activating translation matrix.”  After several moments, Flekk could finally read what was on the notepad.  “This is incredible!” he announced with a grin and looked up to the figure.  “If what this say is true, we’ve unlocked a way to travel across the galaxy.”


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