Far Beyond the Galaxy: Episode 11

23 Apr

Last time, T’Chall and D’Magio along with Flintlock had just finished dispatching a pair of Sons of Svanir from causing a bit of trouble, then continued with their rest.  Meanwhile, Admiral S’rassi was about to step through the gateway into an Asuran lab.

Flekk stepped back from the gateway as his eyes widened, watching the tall creature step through.  He motioned for his krew to be ready in case this creature decided to attack.  Just a precaution.  He assumed they wouldn’t thanks to the conversation he had with this person.  Obviously, she was very intelligent, especially if they were able to connect to his gateway.

The creature stepped through and Flekk and his crew got a better look at her.  Tall, feline like features, beige to almost white fur covered her face with a long mane of hair, her ears moved just like a cat would.  She wore no footware, which showed her large paws on her powerful legs.  Her tail swished back and forth in a hesitant manner, yet there we a curiosity he could see in her eyes.  Then two more stepped through.  These ones were different than the first.  Both looked human, but each was even different from humans.  They wore the same black jump suit uniform, but instead of the white shoulders that the feline wore, the others had a greyish colour to their shoulders.  Flekk could see pips on their collars, this must have denoted some form of rank.  The one flanking the feline’s left side was female, had long black hair, and sharp pointed ears.  She had a calm and measured demeanor about her.  As did the woman on the right side, although she had what appeared to be machine attackements to her face and hands.

A fourth stepped through, this one a male, but looking very similar to the first.  Feline in nature, but much more ferocious looking.  He did not wear the same uniform as the other three.  Each of them held strange weapons and devices.  The two that flanked the first were taking reading from these and the one with the machine attachments was conferring with the other feline.

Finally, the first creature stepped forward and spoke.

“I am Admiral S’rassi Turak of the United Federation of Planets,” she said.  “In command of the Starship Battleford.  This is my first officer, T’Vrell,” she said as she motioned to the woman on her left.  “And this is Five of Seven, from the engineering team of the Starship Ocelot.  Behind me, is Ensign T’Rana, of the S.S. Panthera.”

Flekk looked to his krew for a moment before finally addressing S’rassi.  “That’s a very impressive list of titles.  Thouugh, ‘starshiip’ does sound a bit fanciful.  Where do you come from?”

“We are currently situated in a region of space in the Milky Way galaxy called the Tau Dewa Sector Block,” S’rassi said.  “A region of space controlled by the Romulan Republic.  However, that may not mean anything to you.  Suffice it to say, two captains from our region of space found themselves here after using a gateway on a Borg vessel.  We’re attempting to locate them.”

“And you’re not here to steal my krew’s research?”

“Solar energy collectors,” T’Vrell said as she scanned the lab.  “Rudimentary computer core.  The power signature isn’t familiar.  Impressive, although still 200 years behind what many species in the Alpha and Beta Quadrant have achieved.”

“That sounded like an insult,” Flekk said as he bared his teeth.

“You’ll have to forgive my first officer,” S’rassi said in a calm voice.  “She is a Vulcan, and Vulcans have a habit of stating the obvious without emotional attachment.”  Flekk perked his left ear up as he looked to S’rassi, then over to T’Vrell.  “It’s helpful to have someone not clouded by emotion to gain some insight from.”

“You’re missing two people,” Flekk said.  “And you obviously want them back.”

“And it might be wise if we worked together to find them.”

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