Far Beyond the Galaxy: Episode 12

24 Apr

Last time, Admiral S’rassi made the bold step through the gateway, and walked right into an Asuran lab in Rata Sum.

Flekk and his krew ran back and forth between the four different people who were helping them maintain the gateway connection.  T’Vrell spoke in blatantly obvious tones (which she stated was merely logic) and had little to no humour when she spoke.  Flekk’s junior assistant Fezz remarked how she didn’t even crack a smile.  Ensign T’Rana at least had a sense of humour, though Fezz remarked how he reminded her of a Charr.  Minus the horns and maybe just a bit smaller.  Tiff, Flekk’s primary assistant, was assisting Five.  She could not help but remark on the human’s machine augmentation.

“Are those for decorative purposes?” she would ask.

“They are the Borg devices which help me survive after I was freed from my liberated state as a drone.”

“A drone?” Tiff would ask.  “You mean like a bee.”

“Yes,” Five would reply.  “If bees would attack other insects and force them to work within the hive colony in support of the queen as they assimilated technology from other insects.”

“Oh,” Tiff said, somewhat disappointed.  “That doesn’t sound like a bee very much at all.”

“The computer core is difficult to read,” Five continued on as she turned the conversation back to her work.  “I am uncertain what the power source is.”

“Eternal Alchemy,” Tiff said.  Five merely perked a questioning eyebrow and looked to the Asura.  Tiff took this as a sign to continue.  “Not the eternal alchemy so much, but it is magic based technology.”

“Magic?”  Five said as Tiff nodded firmly with a smile.  “Such a belief is … archaic in thought.  It would appear as though your species still has a great deal to go before the Borg would consider you worthy of assimilation.”  Tiff, Flekk, Fezz and the other Asura stopped what they were doing and just stared at Five, obviously not getting the reference.

A loud laugh came from T’Rana’s workstation.  “That’s Five’s way of telling a joke,” he said.  “But I really wouldn’t worry.  According to these readings, we’re hundreds of thousands of lightyears from any Borg space.”

“Explain,” Admiral S’rassi said as she stepped over to T’Rana’s work area.

“I’ve compared this with readings taken from an expedition that took place a few months ago,” he explained as he held up his tricorder.  “According to these readings I’ve matched of local star constellations in this system, they match the readings taken from that expedition.  There’s no doubt, we are presently in the Andromeda Galaxy.”

Flekk came over and looked curiously between the two.  “What exactly does that mean?”

“At the surface, nothing worrisome,” S’rassi explained.  “That’s what we call the galaxy that your people inhabit.  Ours is called the Milky Way.  But this means that your people and ours have a common enemy.”  S’rassi looked directly to Flekk.  “I’ll require your historical records.  While my officer assist your people in looking for our lost captains, I need to go into some of your ancient history.”

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