The Adventures of the Silver Fox: Episode 5

02 May

Oh, what a tangled web we weave
When first we practise to deceive!

It would seem that my nocturnal habits of prancing on rooftops is not the only strange thing to see in Ebonhawke. I shall leave names out to protect the… innocent? Perhaps more innocent than I, but the word does not hold that well in this situation.

A doctor who has an office in Ebonhawke (I shall also leave that name out, as it will immediately identify him) had a visitor recently. I watched him as he entered and spoke to a young woman whom I had the fortune of meeting the previous evening. Let’s just say this woman now holds the burden of recognition.

The gentleman in question along with the woman, searched through this doctor’s office, then proceeded to move to another room, where the young woman locked him inside. I found this strange, so I continued to watch, knowing full well that she had seen me. She retrieved a gas grenade, towel, and gas mask, then went about sealing the crack in the door and letting out the gas through a tube into the locked room. With the gentleman fully unconscious, she then proceeded to tie him to the bed.

While this may have been an odd fetish played out between two… highly motivated individuals for an exciting evening of foreplay through role play, it was indeed not. The woman was gathering information about the doctor and what this gentleman knew of him (though, something tells me this gentleman was not exactly forthcoming in his own right, he seemed charming, but just a bit too charming).

I accompanied the young woman, traveling to Divinity’s Reach via the Asuran gate. Due to my less than stellar popularity in the Reach with Seraph and Ministry guards, I used mesmer magic to conceal my own mask. A mask over a mask which was in truth my real face.

This doctor, as it turned out, was not to be found at an old office.

But now there is a new problem. This young woman has the burden of recognition, as it is the same woman I spoke with the evening previous in the tower overlooking the cemetery. Considering her actions this evening, I believe that I can trust her not to divulge this little secret.


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