On story and writing – Part One: The Argument For Lady Thor

19 May

Ye be warned, spoilers abound beyond this mark

There’s been a huge number of arguments for and against the use of Jane Foster as Thor.  Of course we have the usual detractors who argue in most screeching fashion that Thor isn’t just a title, but it’s a name.  It’s the name of Thor Odinson.  Then there’s the other side that drew great attention to the fact this is a different way of telling a story that suits a narrative in the 21st Century.

For those not in the know, the power of Thor which is granted to one worth enough to wield the hammer of Thor has passed on from Thor Odinson and onto a woman.  For several issues of the Marvel Comic series, we’ve been given not so much one hint as to just who this woman was.  Recently, it’s been announced, that fans of the comic are going to see just who it is.

It’s Jane Foster.

But there’s a further interesting narrative that comes with it.  As Thor, Jane Foster has the power of the thunder god, and she has been deemed worthy of wielding the power of Thor, thus becoming the Thunder Goddess.  If she puts the hammer down, however, if she relinquishes the power of Thor, she not only becomes a mere mortal, but she also has to fight an ever more cruel enemy than anything the Underworld could toss at her.

Breast cancer.

Wield the power of Thor, become a goddess and fight great evil in the protection of mankind.  Reject the power of Thor, face the reality that she could die thanks to a very harsh and unforgiving disease.

This isn’t just an incredible twist on a comic book character.  It breathes new life and new ideas into the character.  Which paves the way of telling new stories.  When faced with a great evil, Thor will act in a certain manner.  But Jane Foster wielding the power of Thor will act in a manner more befitting of herself.  As a woman, she brings a whole host of life experiences to the table that differ greatly from what Thor Odinson has experienced.  Coupled by the fact that Foster is a scientist, it brings about a new way of looking at just how science and myth collide, and how science explains myth.

By demanding that the “feminist” Thor run stop, fans of the comic series are denying themselves of a brand new way of story telling.  Instead of the same old kinds of stories, we’re now introduced to a whole spectrum of stories that is incredibly different.  That type of thing should be embraced, because if there’s one thing comics have had a difficult time in doing, it’s breathing new life into their stories.  Often it’s the same thing over and over again.

Not so much swapping the gender of Thor, but giving the hammer, the Power of Thor to a woman, has actually done a better job of breathing new life into the character than any grim and gritty reboot has ever done.

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