The Adventures of the Silver Fox: Ep. 6

24 May


Sometimes I think it might be grand if I actually lived in the Grove.

Strangely, the Ministry has no influence there. Not like in Ebonhawke or the Reach. And even in Ebonhawke, the Ministry doesn’t have a very long reach with regard to the law. Oh, make no mistake, they are concerned with former Ascalonian citizen fighting for survival against a wicked enemy. They just don’t really care.

Oh, that enemy, by the way, the Ministry still calls the Charr. Claiming they bomb and attack Ebonhawke when they can. But, in truth, the Renegades, those Charr who chose to ignore the High Legions orders, they don’t get into the city. No, but the Separatists do. Humans who also believe that war between humans and Charr should still happen. At least they have similar thinking to the Renegades.

But lately I’ve been in the Grove, mostly to look in on a few friends of mine. Or, should I say, a few friends of my niece and her mum. For the sake of safety and security, I shall leave those names out, but one is Asuran and the other is Sylvari.

One is doing well after her hands were coated in gold. The other is doing better after his clinic in Ebonhawke was bombed. Though, that lad needs to have a serious discussion about trouble and following him around like a piece of metal attracted to a magnet. I’m sure he’s had that discussion, however, and I can only surmise that a discussion of safety is the least most thing on his mind.

Then again, I’m one to speak of safety and trouble and following.


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