A break from videos

15 Jun


While I just posted the latest let’s play in Star Trek Online, I’ve decided to break for a bit.  There’s several reasons for that; it’s summer and I wish to take advantage of that; there’s been a great deal of video lag in the videos and I’d like to give things a rest; and I’ve been powering through things pretty fast.  I’ve also been needing to make some changes regarding the recording set up, as I’m not all together happy with the sound.


So, I’ve decided to take a bit of a break from the video for a little while.  I need it, to be honest.  Plus, I’ve also got a book layout design that I need to deal with which is rather exciting.  Sadly, it’s not a book I’ve written, but one that looks pretty cool.  More on that in another post.


I always had the feeling that these videos would catch up with me and I’d get a bit tired of doing them.  It’s a lot of work, after all, and my computer in its present form is not really up to the task.  I should have a different machine to be able to deal with all the recording and editing.  Plus, I really should be using different software.


For now, I’ll just take a bit of a break.  It’ll allow me to concentrate on other projects, plus it’ll let me play the game as a game and not look at it as work.  That’s something that’s been hitting me as well.  I’d go to play the game and I’d kind of whine that I really didn’t want to record an episode.  Mostly because I know that the quality wasn’t that great, and I don’t feel that I should post a video when the quality is lacking.


It’s fun.  It’s an experience.  And I love doing it.  I may do some others at some point in time, in other games outside of Star Trek Online.  As for how long the break is, it’ll be for a couple of months.  I’ll kick things back up again in August, around the time when I come back from holidays.


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