There’s Nothing In This World I Wouldn’t Do: Pt. 4

07 Jul

Last time, the four elves stepped through the gateway between worlds, feeling the crisp air of the Shiverpeak Mountains, and were about to make their way to the Durmond Priory.

Do not fear for my reason
There’s nothing to hide
How bitter your treason
How bitter the lie
Remember the runes
And remember the light
All I ever want
Is to be at you side
We gladden the raven
Now I will
Run through the blazing fires
That’s my choice
Cause things
Shall proceed as foreseen

Skalds & Shadows, as performed by Blind Guardian

Durmond Priory

It didn’t take long to find out the structure was in fact the stronghold for the Durmond Priory. After some convincing, one of the Asuran researchers lead the four into the depths of the library. Mind you, they had to find a place to shelter the horses until such time was necessary.

The researcher seemed impressed that they would know certain names. Shani mentioned Villith Argith, a ranger from Kryta who travelled with heroes of the North when the Asura first appeared on the surface. It was Pania who warned Shani not to be too specific. She was starting to sound a little too much like a witness to events.

“Well we were,” Shani whispered to Pania. “Hard ta make up a tale ’bout how we know so much.”

The Asuran researcher, a short thing with red hair done up in long braids, stopped to unlock one of the doors to the library. “How exactly do you know about this Villith Argith?”

“Uh, well,” Shani began with a shrug. “Me an’ Wren happen ta be Villith’s great great … great … so on an’ so forth grandchildren. On our daddy’s side.” Shani gave a firm nod, and Wren tried her best to play along with it. “Mama alway said it were important ta remember where ya come from an’ who came b’fore ya.”

The Asura thought on this a moment, shrugged and ushered the four inside. It was Pania who broke out in a grin as she saw the books, parchments, scrolls and texts filled with history. “Can ye give us a wee bit o’ direction fer sections?”

“Of course,” the Asura said with a firm nod. “The Durmond Priory has the best cataloging system in all of Tyria.”

Pania grinned wide and clapped her hands lightly. “This is just like the House o’ Wisdom,” she said in a whisper.

“Yeah,” Shani replied with a sigh. “Helluva lot colder, though.”

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