There’s Nothing In This World I Wouldn’t Do: Pt. 5

08 Jul

Last time, the four elves decided it was best to familiarize themselves with the history of Tyria.  Shani and Pania weren’t expecting to see a familiar face, however.

The sound of iron shocks is stuck in my head,
The thunder of the drums dictates
The rhythm of the falls the number of deaths
The rising of the heights ahead

From the dawn of time to the end of days
I will have to run away
I want to feel the pain and the bitter taste
Of the blood on my lips again

Iron, as performed by Woodkid

The four marvelled at the number of tones and the knowledge they held. Shani and Wren found out Villith Argith had kept immaculate records and even drawings. All four of them looked over the drawings of Jora, Gwen, Pyre, and they shivered a bit as they recognized two of them. The Asura, who had finally introduced herself as Viv, watched over them. Which naturally caused Shani to correct herself sometimes, especially when she said something about remembering a certain story or description. Often saying “I mean, ‘least thet’s what mama said. I remember her sayin’ thet.”

They remained there for a few hours under the guidance of Viv, who actually grew very intrigued with their interest and conversations. They’d covered the old wars, the Nightfall, the troubles in Cantha, the Searing and much more. Finally, it was time to leave and find a place to stay. Hopefully warmer than the mountains they were in.

The books had been put away, and Viv lead the four back to the entrance. She stopped quite quickly, though, as a familiar face appeared. “Oh! Good afternoon Scholar Stonehealer,” she said with a polite smile and a respectful bow. Wren and Abisayo nodded to the dwarf, but Shani and Pania suddenly found something incredibly interesting behind them. Viv turned to the four and began introductions. “This is one of our most respected scholars in the Durmond Priory. May I present Ogden Stonehealer.”

Wren and Abisayo bowed with respect, giving their own names. Shani and Pania didn’t budge, however. Ogden’s sharp and clear cough made them slowly start to turn. “And may I ask who you might be?” he said, having a very good idea.

Both Shani and Pania looked as though they’d been caught like a deer in torchlights. Their eyes were wide and they nodded quite nervously. “We… we’ve… we’ve heard lots ’bout ya, Scholar. Didn’t know … thet… y’all would be here.”

“Uh-huh,” Ogden said as he scratched at his beard. “You four should come to my lodge for a cup of tea later. Just before you continue on your journey.”

“Oh… that’s… very kind o’ ye,” Pania said with a nod, rather over exagerated. “We would be most pleased, sir.”

Ogden gave a firm nod and a slight grunt, then smiled to Viv and gave his leave to her. Viv bowed again, then turned to the four as Ogden left. “That is very exciting. It’s very rare when Ogden asks for visitors. He must have seen something in you. Perhaps there could be a place for you here with the Priory.”

“Oh, aye that would be wonderful,” Pania said with a grin, still slightly in shock. She leaned over to Shani and whispered. “Ye think he…”

“Oh, I know he recognized us,” Shani said with a sigh. “We are so dead.”

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