There’s Nothing In This World I Wouldn’t Do: Pt. 9

12 Jul

Last time, Shani discovered the Sylvari, and how they appeared to be similar to elves, but they were a plant based species. They tended to her wounds, tended to her horse and then let her go on her way.

I’ve been looking for so long to find this place I see
And I’ve just got to believe it’s more than a dream
Seems it’s time I should move on
but I hope you come with me
Till we find eternity

lyrics from Eternity, as performed by Big & Rich

Fort Salma, Kessex Hills, a few days later

Shani rode back into town holding up the rucksack triumphantly. While there wasn’t huge riches stolen from the townsfolk, Shani had returned several misplaced keep sakes. She handed out each item stolen to the appropriate owner, and once all was returned, she steered her horse back to the stable. Once back at her house, she told the whole story of who she met to her friends in the quiet confines of the home.

“Sylvari,” Pania said as she tried out the word. “Sort o’ sound like Sylvan, one o’ the offshoots of the elves.”

“They even kinda look like us,” Shani said as she took a seat. “But they don’t have a childhood. At least not physically.”

“Weren’t you two talking about some legend before,” Abisayo said as she handed out a few glasses of juice. The day was hot, and they needed something to keep cool. “Something about a tablet?”

“There was rumour that we heard before,” Pania remarked quietly. “An’ somethin’ I did read at the Priory when we first arrived. Ventari, a centaur, who was helpin’ a human grow somethin’.”

“Villith made mention o’ somethin’ like thet, I think,” Shani nodded.

“Should we go back to the Priory?” Wren spoke up. “Either read up on that information again or maybe question one of the scholars.”

“It’s worth a shot,” Shani said with a nod. “But best ta do it at first light.” Shani took a deep breath, a sign she was uncomfortable with something. Wren gave her a glance, prompting Shani to open up. “I did promise I wouldn’t tell nobody ’bout their hamlet.”

“You don’t have to name names,” Abisayo said. “And it’s merely general questions, not specifics about one hamlet.”

Shani nodded as she took a sip of her juice. “Alright. First light, we pack up an’ head out. Should take us a coupla days ta hit the Priory, maybe three. We’ll head east, inta Gendarran Fields an’ through Lion’s Arch. South inta Bloodtide an’ east again inta Lornar’s. It’ll put us right where we need ta be.”

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