There’s Nothing In This World I Wouldn’t Do: Pt. 11

14 Jul

Last time, Unia Wennemein, mother of Shani and Wren and godmother to Pania, crossed the planar gates to the world of Tyria.  She began to make her way to the Durmond Priory just as the four elves were traveling from Fort Salma.

Well, I came home
Like a stone
And I fell heavy into your arms
These days of dust
Which we’ve known
Will blow away with this new sun

But I’ll kneel down,
Wait for now
And I’ll kneel down,
Know my ground

And I will wait, I will wait for you

lyrics from I Will Wait, as performed by Mumford & Sons

Three days later, Lornar’s Pass near the Durmond Priory

Four horses crossing the bridge leading to the Durmond Priory was often a sight to see. Often, it was only one horse, Pania Alow and her steed Triumph, that made the trek. Pania had since accepted membership into the Order, and heard a little about what Shani had discussed before. She’d never seen a Sylvari, though. That was about to change.

As the horses crossed the bridge, they came to a stop. Pania saw Magister Viv with a few other Priory Scholars and Magisters near the entrance. They appeared to be giving someone a tour. Shani recognized them right away.

“Them,” she said quietly to the others. “Those over they is like the Sylvari I seen. The three I seen all had their own look an’ appearance to ’em, but they was all the same. Just individual styles.”

Magister Viv saw the four and approached with a big smile. “Magister Alow. We have guests here. These four Sylvari came this morning and have been given a tour of the Priory. Not the inner chambers, mind you. And I understand there was another who came. She is with Scholar Stonehealer right now. She was wearing the most beautiful robes with such intricate bead work…”

“Oh dear lord,” Shani said with a huff and looked to Wren.

“You think she would’ve followed us here?” Wren asked knowing full well what her sister was thinking.

“Knowin’ her, she’d cross the planes an’ defeat any threats jist ta find us,” Shani replied as she dismounted her horse. The others followed suit.

“Can I assume, Magister Viv,” Pania said as she held onto her horse’s bridle. “That Scholar Stonehealer is waiting for us?”

“He did mention that you are welcome to join him,” Viv said with a nod. “After about twenty minutes of his meeting with this woman, he sent word that we should be expecting you.”

“Ya kin call ‘er Unia,” Shani said as she began to lead her horse down the path to Ogden’s lodge. Once the horses were tended to, Pania went to knock at the entrance, but before her hand reached the door frame, the curtain at the entrance was moved.

“About time you four got here,” Ogden said with a smirk. “You young ones best get inside before you draw too much attention.” Without question, the four entered the dwarf’s home. As their eyes adjusted to the light, Shani, Wren, and Pania recognized the woman who was drinking her tea at Ogden’s table. “Usually I introduce people, but I’m fairly certain you all know each other.”

Shani and Wren both nodded and stepped forward, greeting their mother. Pania made a small curtsy and whispered ‘greetings Mistress Wennemein’. But Unia stopped as she saw Abisayo. “Why did you not send word?” she said to the other three as she rose to her feet and walked over to Abisayo. “Your parents have been extremely worried.” She turned and looked to Ogden. “My apologies, Ogden. Pania if you would please…”

What Unia asked for was something that was an old custom among the elves, in particular when introducing someone of importance. Abisayo, for her part, really didn’t wish for the formal introductions, but Unia was one of the elven elders and one does not argue with an elven elder. “Beggin’ ye pardon, Scholar Stonehealer. May I introduce ta ye, Abisayo Temi Lilu, daughter of the king an’ queen o’ the Yoruba nations, protector o’ her peoples, paladin an’ champion o’ her nation.”

Ogden looked from Pania to Abisayo, nodding with an impressed look on his face. “You must be very humble not to have your title announced. There’s nobles in Divinity’s Reach who give their title at the drop of a hat.” He let out a boisterous laugh with that last.

“I have no need to use my station,” Abisayo replied. “It’s part of who I am, nothing more. I wear it as a badge of honour and duty to my own people.”

“Which at some time you will have to inform your parents you are safe and sound,” Unia said as she took Abisayo’s hand.

“Will you be returning, Mother?” Wren asked of Unia.

“Returning to Terkala? No, I think I’ll stay here for the duration of your stay,” Unia said with a pleasant smile. She caught the rather strange looks the four gave her and added. “I may be 2,000 years old, but that doesn’t mean I can’t travel and adventure any more. I’m an elder, not an invalid.”

“Well,” Shani said with a sigh. “Looks like we’ll have ta get you set up back in Fort Salma, then.”

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