There’s Nothing In This World I Wouldn’t Do: Pt. 14

17 Jul

Last time, Shani and Abisayo came upon the wreckage of a charr caravan.  Searching through the bodies, they found one survivor; a small charr cub.

On the blue side of evenin’
When the darkness takes control
You start lookin’ for a reason
To take your lonesome on down the road

lyrics from Down the Road, as performed by Steve Earle

It had been hours since Abisayo and Shani found the small caravan. Pania and Wren had finally joined them as they, along with guards from Black Haven assisted with the cleanup and burial. While many on Tyria believed Wren to be a guardian, she was actually a consoler, an elf charged with taking care of the dead and the grieving. She had read about some of the funeral practises of the Charr, and directed those helping with the clean up.

They had discovered during the clean up, that the caravan was owned by a small warband of Iron Legion charr. Merchants, they travelled often to Wizards Feif to trade with the townsfolk, assist in repairing machinery, and a stopping point to rest and resupply before heading off east again. Wizard’s Feif was one of the spots furthest west they would go. Several travellers confirmed this, and even said the female was pregnant the last visit to the Feif. The cub was born at the small siding just north of the Feif.

The cub being the one Shani was tending to.

As Shani craddled the small cub, Pania, Abisayo, and Wren all helped, each taking turns to keep the small baby calm and happy. The cub began to imprint on the four elves.

Once the guards and other travellers had finished cleaning up the area and the dead had been buried, Shani announced a decision. “I seen tracks headin’g east north east. Up this here road,” she said as she pointed in the direction that lead to Swamplost Haven in Queensdale. “I bet you anything those bastards been watchin’. Gigglin’ ’emselves quickly.”

“You’re thinkin’ of some blood retribution,” Wren said as she looked down the road. “Ain’t you, Sister.”

“Oh, hell yeah,” Shani said with a firm nod as she handed the cub to Pania. She took out a few strips of cloth and began tying them together.

“An’ just what do we do with the wee one,” Pania said as she gave the cub a small bounce in her arms. The cub cooed and giggled.

“Too far to head back to ‘Salma,” Abisayo said as she checked her Winchester .22 rifle. “An’ if we do, those brigands’ll just dig in and be ready.”

“Exactly,” Shani said as she motioned for Pania to put the cub in the small cradle she’d fashions and strapped to her torso. The cub would lay so she could always see Shani’s face. “There probably some what weren’t involved. By the code if they truck an’ run, let ’em go. If they pull out a smoke wagon an’ try ta go ta town, then thet jist makes ’em open targets.” She helped Pania put the cub into the small cradle, gently brushing a finger along the cub’s cheek. The tiny baby grasped at Shani’s finger playfully. “We agreed?”

There was a click of weapons being loaded and readied. All three of Shani’s partners gave the affirmative. They stood on the road to perdition, and they were about to walk into hell.

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