There’s Nothing In This World I Wouldn’t Do: Pt. 16

19 Jul

Last time, the four elves took a stand, decimating the bandits of a camp near the Swamplost Camp in Queensdale.  With the charr cub in protective care, the four left the camp as a warning.  But the act did not go unnoticed.

I play where the darker kids play
I’m the one who goes out when you end your day
I dance where the darker crowds dance,
In the pitch black clubs in a clove stained trance

lyrics from The Wrong Side, as performed by Abbney Park

On top of a lonely hill overlooking the carnage, three figures stood. Each was dressed in the red and black armour distinct among those who called the Order of Whispers their home. One human, one Asura, and one Charr. They kept quiet and still, hidden away in the shadows as they watched.

The Asura felt a tad squeamish as she watched the carnage unfold. Even the human felt a pang as he watched. The Charr, however, had to stop himself from cheering.

“You liked that, didn’t you?” the human asked of the Charr.

“Those bandits got exactly what they deserved,” he replied with a gruff voice, but his glee showing through. “And not just because those bandits had attacked a caravan of Charr. They’d been preying on travelers for weeks. Justice was served here today.”

“But that was such an… evil act,” the Asura said quietly.

“Killing is always evil,” The Charr reminded her. “You’ve done so in the past. How is what you do any different from this?” The Asura only nodded. Yes, she’d killed before, but nothing as violent as this. “As for the four, what do you think?”

“The one is a Seraph,” the human said. “I’m not sure she’s so ready for the Order. The blonde is already a member of the Durmond Priory. Gixx would have our heads if we tried to recruit her.”

“HA! Knowing him, he’d tear up Lion’s Arch just to find our enclave,” the Charr replied with a boisterous laugh. “The last two?”

“They haven’t joined any Order,” the Asura said. “And they aren’t affiliated with any organization that might find our presence unsettling. I think they’d be ready to join.”

“Then it’s settled,” the Charr said with a nod. He turned to face two others that had joined them. A pair of Sylvari; Amber of Dawn and Willow of Dusk. “These are the same ones who you spoke to before.”

“The one in the middle, yes,” Amber replied with a nod. “The one cradling the baby. I mean, the cub. But,” she paused momentarily, then continued as the Charr looked directly to her. “She asked that we keep her heritage, her place in this world a secret.”

“What better place than the Order of Whispers,” the Charr replied with a chuckle. “It’s settled. The next time that the dark skinned one and that other one… Shani you said her name was?” The two Sylvari nodded quickly in affirmation. “The next time they go to Lion’s Arch, you will make contact with them, and encourage them to join the Order.”

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