There’s Nothing In This World I Wouldn’t Do: Pt. 18

21 Jul

Last time, the four elves returned to their home and informed Unia of what happened.  Now, they just needed some help with raising a charr cub.  Fortunately, Pania has her contacts in the Durmond Priory.

Alouette, gentille Alouette
Alouette je te plumerai
Je te plumerai la tete
Je te plumerai la tete
Alouete, Alouette

lyrics from Alouette, an old French Canadian children’s song

When a Charr comes into a Krytan village, the entire populace knows. Such was the case when Pania Alow, dressed in her Durmond Priory robes, lead Grishnack Soulclaw into Fort Salma. The guards merely stammered, recognizing the older Charr’s armour as being that of the Durmond Priory, but he was still a Charr. At one point Grishnack gave a small, but directed snort toward the guards as they questioned Pania. Soon, though, they let the two pass.

“Not ‘ad the opportunity ta visit human lands?” Pania asked as they walked to the Wennemein household.

“I think it’s obvious, Magister,” Grishnack replied as he looked around the village. “The reactions from these mice is fairly indicative of that.”

“Well, things are changin’,” Pania said.

“Yes, they are,” Grishnack agreed. “Charr and humans are beginning to work together. But there’s still resistance on both sides. We’re not here to discuss the politics of Kryta and the Black Citadel, however.”

Pania nodded as they approached the door to the Wennemein household. She knocked loudly, and heard the customary ‘come in’ from Unia inside. Pania opened the door and ushered Grishnack inside. The old Charr had to duck just a bit to get inside. He removed his helmet and took a look around. He’d been told that these people were different from the humans in the area, but that realization didn’t fully come to light until he saw their home.

“Lady Unia,” Pania said with a bow. “This is Magister Grishnack Soulclaw of the Heart and Soul Warband, and a Priory Magister.” Pania then turned to Grishnack. “This is the Lady Unia Wennemein, matriarch o’ the Wennemein household.” Grishnack nodded to Unia as politely as he could.

“Would you care for some tea,” Unia said as she took a kettle off of the stove. Grishnack noted it wasn’t so much a question as it was a way of saying ‘I’m going to pour you a cup of tea and whether you drink it or not is your decision’. He nodded as he found a place to sit at the kitchen table.

“Where is the cub?” he finally asked once he had his tea.

“Currently sleeping with Shani,” Unia said as she sat down. Grishnack took note again that while Unia took her seat, Pania stood to her right and just a step back.

“Charr cubs will do that,” Grishnack said with a nod. “For the first few months they sleep a lot. It’s best to sleep with them so they can hear a heartbeat. Usually, they sleep with other cubs in the Fahrar. It gets them used to the other cubs who will eventually become their ‘band mates.”

All three looked up as the door to the bedroom opened, and Shani walked out. Hair slightly dissheveled, and carrying a yawning cub in her arms. “I changed her diaper jist b’fore comin’ out here. I think she poops more ‘n she eats.”

Grishnack couldn’t help but laugh, a full, boisterous laugh. The cub blinked and looked toward Grishnack with big, curious eyes. Shani walked over to the old Charr. He looked up to the cub, once again taking note of how Shani carried her and the fact that the cub didn’t pull back when Grishnack reached up a claw to the tiny baby. Without hesitation, the cub grabbed Grishnack’s claw and popped it into her mouth. Grishnack laughed again. “Well, she’s definitely got no fear, that’s for sure. I take it she’s been chewing on whatever she can get her hands on?”

“Pencils, hilt o’ a knife, mama’s rollin’ pin, coupla Pania’s journals, the clasp on Wren’s cloak,” Shani listed off. “Other day, we had ta take the butt o’ Abisayo’s rifle outta her mouth.”

“Get her a decent sized stick,” Grishnack suggested. “Probably something she can get her mouth around, but not into her mouth so she can swallow it.”

“You seem to know a lot about cubs, Magister,” Unia said with a nod.

“My mate and I have had four,” Grishnack explained as he pulled his claw gently away from the cub. “Well, she gave birth to them. She’s in Blood Legion, but our cubs went to the Iron Legion fahrar. Which you might want to consider when she’s old enough.” Grishnack took a sip of his tea, perked his eyebrows as he found the flavour to be something to his liking, and continued. “There is a fahrar in Lion’s Arch, but it’s small, and mostly Ash Legion. She’ll need to go to an Iron Legion fahrar. There’s one in the Black Citadel. I can send word to the Citadel that you’ll be showing up when the time comes for her to go. Does she have a name yet?”

“Ain’t picked one out yet,” Shani said as she shook her head.

“It might be best to let her do that,” Grishnack offered. “She might come up with something. A couple more months and she’ll begin talking. And then you won’t get her to shut up. Words will become a new plaything, and she’ll try to pronounce them all, so be careful what you say around her.”

“No salty language, Shani,” Unia said with a slight smirk as she raised her tea cup.

Grishnack rose to his feet and looked to the cub once more. The cub clapped her paws and made baby noises as she watched the old Charr. He chuckled and waved his claw in front of her again. He pulled away just as she was about to grab it and he laughed again. The cub laughed too, as she thought this was a great game. “Magister Alow, I’ll give you some material which will help. Lady Unia, thank you for the tea.” He stopped and looked to Shani. The elven gunslinger perked an eyebrow as she felt the old Charr sizing her up. “You’ll make a good mother,” he finally said with a chuckle. With that, he took his leave, followed closely by Pania.

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