Mother Teresa was actually horrible and Shai Lebouf’s “Just Do It” is pretty brilliant

22 Jul

Yeah, I could divide these up into two posts, but really neither is going to be long.  I guess I could have titled it Stuff and Things, but that’s a zombie dead horse that we just don’t need to keep beating on right now.

Also, you’re welcome for the Walking Dead Meme being brought back from the grave.  God I love puns sometimes.

Mother Teresa is actually kind of a horrible person.  Well, was, considering she’s as lively as one can be when they’re dead.  We all know Mother Teresa was the wonderful person who tried to help the poor and suffering.  But she was actually a person who really got off on other people’s suffering and used it to funnel money into her organization.  She managed to raise millions to “help” the poor and suffering when in fact a very small percentage actually went to providing for those who could not afford things like food or medicine.  Even the hospitals she helped create were less than substandard and in many cases people who went there for help found that they had a better chance of finding help in an empty rice field than in one of Mother Teresa’s “hospitals”.

And yet, she’s celebrated as a person who cared for the poor.  Truth is, she didn’t give a crap about the poor, as long as they could further her own PR work.  Sure, she raised money for a good cause, but she never used 100% percent of the money for the actual cause.  Even after you’d factor in administrative costs, of the money remaining, it was a small percentage that actually went to help people.

And by help, we really should say put them in a bed so they could die.  Don’t believe it?  Here’s some reading material for you.

Hemley Gonzalez: The Truth About Mother Teresa | Big Think

Mother Teresa Was A Crook And A Fraud – KnowledgeNuts

Criticism of Mother Teresa – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Rolling in money, ruining lives – the truth about so-called …

The Hidden Truth of Mother Teresa – ShankhNaad

Let’s move on!

Shia Lebouf recorded a motivational video where he stood in front of a green screen and screamed at people to just do it.  Reach for your dreams.  Yesterday, you said you’d do it tomorrow.  This is possibly the most genius thing anyone has ever done.

Lebouf’s video has gone on to become a viral meme of it’s own, putting the black clad and screaming Lebouf in various situations; on people’s balconies, in movies like 2001 A Space Odyssey, in video games.  And all of it adding to the mythos of Lebouf trying to give motivation to whomever he happens to be screaming at.  There’s a longer video, which has him standing on his head for a while, but the best part is the motivation talk (or maybe yelling is a better point).  Hell, there’s even a TED talk where Lebouf is screaming at the Audience while there’s a larger than life version of him on a screen behind him.

I mean, really.  He’s standing in front of a green screen.  He had to know people were gonna use that as an opportunity to put him into strange and interesting situations.  His motivational speech has actually done quite well, and I really hope it lasts longer than the usual 15 minutes on the internet.

Shia, you’re a fucking genius.

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