There’s Nothing In This World I Wouldn’t Do: Pt. 28

31 Jul

Last time, Hildegaar revealed to Unia that a demon had been using their home plane to hide while engaging in attacks on Earth.  Unia knew this meant the five elves would have to cross the planes from Tyria back to Earth.  But what of the charr cub they were raising?  Flintlock had never crossed those planes before.

We’re Blood Bound – We aim for the sun
The luminous moon will take us high over ground
We’re Blood Bound – Collecting the stars
We hold a power that is greater than all
We’re Blood Bound

lyrics from Blood Bound, as performed by Hammerfall

Hildegaar gathered her entourage around her, just as Unia called the other elves. It was decided, Unia, Shani, Wren, Pania, Abisayo and even Flintlock would travel to Puebla, Mexico. It was fortunate that Shani and Pania recognized the name of the town, and new it was in the nation south of the United States. Shani also insisted Flintlock go with them. She was not leaving behind the cub that she had been caring for.

In exchange, Hildegaar said that Avalona, Frigg Elva and Petra would remain behind and tend to the needs of Fort Salma. Once the demon was dealt with, the three would move on to explore the northern reaches of this world.

They would pack light, travel fast, and hopefully it would not take very long to accomplish what needed to be done. They would have to keep their contact with humans to a minimum. Humans on Earth didn’t know about elves, let alone Charr.

Maybe, just maybe, they’d find some familiar people back on Earth to give them aid and shelter. They wouldn’t know until they crossed the planar gates.

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