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31 Days of Ghosts: Revisiting Fort San Sanitorium #1

One of the more popular past 31 Days of Ghosts articles was the Fort San Sanitorium in the Qu’appelle Valley of Saskatchewan.  The full article can be read here, but this is a series of posts focusing on the comments.  Users had a lot of stories of their own to share.

Catherine C said:

My younger brother had his wedding reception at Fort San, in the conference center. During the supper and also during the dance, children and adults alike kept asking who the nice lady standing by the bathroom was…When my brother and I investigated, the nice lady turned out to be a ghost. She was friendly and seemed to enjoy helping people find their way to the bathroom and then back to the dining and dance area. It was more interesting than disturbing when it happened!

tim h commented:

I attended a 2 week gt course for sea cadets in1995 there I have some stories. That summer I was there someone filmed a documentary and they had informed me I was staying in the operation room if anyone knows any info on that documentary and where to get it can u please contact me via email I wld appreciate it jst looking at old pics from this camp brings chills down my spine thank you!

We’ll share more of the comments from users through October.

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31 Days of Ghosts: Two Sentence Horror Stories #5

Here’s another two sentence horror story that first appeared on r/AskReddit.  This one from therealhatman.

I woke up to hear knocking on glass. At first, I though it was the window until I heard it come from the mirror again.

I’ll be having more of these all throughout the month of October as we head into Halloween.

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