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31 Days of Ghosts: Revisiting Fort San Sanitorium #2

The eerie feeling of the old hospital at Fort San Sanitorium in the Qu’appelle Valley in Saskatchewan was one of the most popular articles in October 2009.  Lots of users shared their comments and experiences.  Here’s just a few.

Manny siad:

My wifes uncle Pat Desnomie told me he was resting on a bed there when someone lifted his hand to check his pulse. when he opened his eyes his hand was up in the air and no one was there. then it placed his hand back down on his chest. he left the place shortly there after.

Sarah said:

me and my brothers go there like every year and we went to the childs word and i asked if anyone is here could you make a sounds please and we waiting and then a loud bang came from behind us and we took off lol.

We”ll share more of the comments from users about their own experiences and stories with Fort San throughout the month of October.

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