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The other writing work

I’m also still in the editing process for Rocket Fox: Flight of the Nighthawk.  It was a series I wrote and finished (not fully, but the first part, yes).  So, I thought I’d share a reminder of some of the things created for Rocket Fox.

Creative Commons Licence
Rocket Fox: Flight of the Nighthawk by Tim Holtorf is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.5 Canada License.
Based on a work at
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

Web Web seniafelix AutoREALM : G:Swift Foxvulpinestarsystem.AuRX Vulpinia Prime updateAnd, of course, the original work in it’s entirety in pdf format.

The Full Series – Rocket Fox – Flight of the Nighthawk

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Art mirrors life… and predicts it

What’s strange is how very interesting it is how media like this, created by Alan Moore in the mid 1980s, made into a film in the late 90s, basically is predicting what is happening in the world.

There are those who follow the edict of using fear to control the masses. Just look at Fox News. Be afraid of Muslims, or African Americans (with strategic words such as “inner city men” used to foster that fear), or atheists, or lesbians, or homosexuals. It’s control at it’s core. Make those groups the targets and you suddenly control the masses and are able to continue ruling, so to speak.

In reality, it’s the right wing who are afraid. Afraid they’ll lose their control if they don’t have a target. They’ll lose their wealth, their standing and their power.

There’s been other films which showed the future in a relatively dark light; Running Man, The Dark Knight, Total Recall (the original with Schwarzenegger), and even RoboCop. What we laughed at is some of the things that have become real in our future. Just as the politics of corruption has become very real.

Sometimes, the fiction we consume isn’t that far off. And what we call escapism, is very dead on the money in mirroring what happens in the world. The biggest difference is, the public seems very much more aware of it.

EDIT:  Correction, the movie came out in 2006, not the late 90s.

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The year that was, Part 2

I guess I wasn’t finished, really.

I mentioned that I wrote a lot of really bad poetry (I think it’s bad, but if someone read it and liked it, then I’m glad that you did, I think I could have done more polishing, but it was merely a spew of consciousness), and I did write some poetry like things for Black Mask & Pale Rider.

But I also did some artwork.  Mostly it was drawing from a copy of an image to see if I could get the proportions right.  I might try and do more, and I’ve been thinking about picking up a Wacom board at some point to help out.

The first image I did happened to be not of a character, but of a ship.

I did the image in RayDream Studio, and I plan on using that to create the characters as well.  Senia, Aria, Clarfax, Hardy, Jadda and others who appear in the book.

The first actual character I drew happened to be Captain Senia Felix.

I used Illustrator to draw the image, and might do some others using it, if I am not satisfied with what I come up with in RayDream.

Next came Shani.

I’d already drawn a similar image for Pania, and I think this one came out quite nicely.

There were a few others that I had done, but these two were the ones I was most proud of.  I’m hoping that in 2014 I’ll practice a bit more and maybe come up with some better drawings of my characters.


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Adventure Calls My Name

pania&shaniSo, I haven’t been doing that well with my NaNoWriMo.  Which is kind of an understatement.

However, the above is a bit of artwork I did (minus the background, that is a screenshot from Neverwinter Nights 2), and here’s a poem I wrote.

Adventure Calls My Name

I wake with first light
Of a brand new dawn
And adventure calls my name

I feel the warmth
From the rays of the sun
And adventure calls my name

I step out onto the road
Where it takes me, I don’t know
And adventure calls my name

Through fields afar
And paths less travelled
Adventure calls my name

A dragons lair
Or a mages tower
Adventure calls my name

A lock to pick
A trap to spring
Adventure calls my name

Across a babbling brook
I wander with glee
For adventure calls my name

In the rivers deep
A treasure to seek
For adventure calls my name

The mountains call
I ignore the cold
For adventure calls my name

Dagger from the hip
And pistol grip
New adventure calls my name

An age old ruin
Or a brand new town
New adventure calls my name

With sword and with shield
I cry out “Never yield”
New adventure calls my name

I greet the day
With bold purpose
As adventure calls my name

I laugh aloud
As danger strikes
As adventure calls my name

I right the wrongs
That plague the world
As adventure calls my name

I hide in the shadows
Waiting to strike
When adventure calls my name

I duel with brigands
Become a hero of legend
When adventure calls my name

I ride with speed
Atop a faithful steed
When adventure calls my name

When days end comes
I rest wondering if tomorrow
Will adventure call my name

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This has been going around Tumblr recently.  Not the whole image, but each part of the image as different representations of each fandom.  There’s a lot more, and if you’d like to check it out, click here.  It’s okay, I can wait while you look it all over.

Photo on 13-05-29 at 11.56 AMDone now?  Alright, excellent!

This is something that makes me smile from time to time.  Fandoms.  People who really like stuff and rally around liking that stuff.  And while doing fan art or writing fan fiction or cosplaying or going to conventions may be the dream of most fans, it’s not what all fans do.  You can be a fan of something, and just watch the TV show, movies, or read the book (or in the case of music, listen to the music).  There’s no difference between just liking something or surrounding your spare time in your life with something.  There’s no difference in the level of appreciation a person has for something whether they collect it obsessively or if they just enjoy it from time to time.

As an example, I really love the Firefly series.  I’ve got it on DVD and I watch it from time to time.  I will chuckle at quotes from the show and there are characters I really like.  But that’s it.  Is my love of Firefly any different than someone who dresses like Mal Reynolds (aside from having more creative time than I do)?  Or someone who draws fan art of the ship and crew (aside from having better art talent than I do)?  Or someone who writes fan fiction (I’m still working on Rocket Fox, I have an excuse!)?  I’d say not.

You can crank that up a notch with Tomb Raider.  I’ve played most of the games, I’ve watched and own DVDs of all the movies.  I used to collect the monthly comic, and now have the complete Tomb Raider omnibus sitting on my book shelf.  I have action figures, I have posters.  Okay, I don’t cosplay Laura Croft, I’m not sure I could pull it off (though, I think my hair is long enough).

I’m also a big fan of Star Trek.  I have each series (except for the original series) on DVD, and yes that includes the animated series.  All the movies.  Several books, most written by Peter David, including the New Frontier series.  I’ve played Star Trey Voyager: Elite Force and Star Trek Elite Force II.  I’ve played Deep Space Nine The Fallen.  And I currently play Star Trek Online.  Yet, there’s still people out there who write fan fiction (okay, I did, I just have to find it, it’s a Star Trek/Hawkworld crossover), do fan art, cosplay and even those who do fan films (check Youtube someday).

The point I’m making can lead back to another point I made about fandoms, but this one surrounding the mythical “fake geek girl”.  That girl or woman who reads or is into a comic of series to the point of dressing up as their favourite character.  Yet, those examples are often called out as being fake by fanboys who bemoan the fact there’s hardly any women in comics (I wonder why!).  The main point is that no matter how much of a fan you are of something, whether you just read the books, watch the movies, whatever, or if you go all out and research the backstories and the merchandise and all of the things you can find, you’re still a fan.  One person’s love of a thing is no better or bigger than another person’s love of a thing.

For writers, artists and creators it must be pretty flattering to have that kind of attention.  On the one hand, I’d love it, but on the other I’d be slightly embarrassed and rather shocked.  Still, it’d be cool if some day, I could see this…


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A space kind of day

Horse Head Nebula

Horse Head Nebula

One epic photo of the Horse Head Nebula (IC434)

Emission and dark Nebula in the constellation of Orion

Distance: 1500 light years from Earth

First discovered by the astronomer Williamina Fleming in 1888

Art by John Berkey

Art by John Berkey

This has been a space kind of day.

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Wednesday Quotes

A round of Wednesday quotes.  Not quotes about Wednesday, just the fact I’m posting this on a Wednesday.  Only a couple of days left in the work week and a few days left until we hit October.  We’ve had warm weather so far, and hopefully that’ll continue into October.  On with the quotes.

“Sometimes all a person needs is a hand to hold and a heart to understand.” ~author unknown

“The three greatest mysteries are water to the fish – air to the birds – and mankind to himself.” ~author unknown

“Faith moves mountains; doubt creates them.” ~author unknown

“There is no large or difficult task that can’t be divided into little easy tasks.” ~Buddhist saying

“The most important ingredient in the formula of success is learning how to get along with people.” ~author unknown

“My father is allergic to cotton. He has pills that he can take, but he can’t get them out of the bottle.” ~author unknown

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Today gets a whole lot of writing love, as I prep myself for holidays.  Holidays are the time to do something I want, so I often find it odd when people say “but don’t you want to get away”.  That’s totally not what I want.  I want to do things that I want to do, and driving or taking a bus are the least two favourite things I want to do (and let’s not even talk flying).

So, during my two weeks off (which commences this Thursday) I shall be (in no particular order):

  • Hanging out in the park
  • writing
  • playing video games
  • writing
  • watching movies
  • writing
  • going to the beach (though, that involves driving)
  • writing
  • and food smattered in amongst all of that.

So, in a nutshell, I’m hoping to do some writing.  Pick up and continue more of Rocket Fox and get the rewrite of Black Mask and Pale Rider started.

For now, though, here’s a couple of inspirational writing quotes.

“…the writer’s obsession – the desire to know and communicate, or, rather, to know everything so as to communicate with the greatest degree of precision.” ~Ivan Klima



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Poetical Quotes

Getting a little poetical today, even if there is no rhyme nor reason to it (heh, see what I did there… yeah, yeah, I know, I’m terrible, even for pointing that out). Start things off with a well known one by Robert Frost.

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
~Robert Frost, 1920

Continuing on with something more akin to a proverb. Originally, I didn’t know who this quote was attributed to.  Now I can finally put a name to the words.

“It is better to look ahead and prepare, than to look back and regret.” ~Jackie Joyner-Kersee

Finally, something that could be seen as dreadful and ominous, only because of the individual who wrote it.  As well, it’s very, very interesting how this is reflected in our current state of the world.

“The sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position within, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the deadly light into the peace and safety of a new dark age.” ~H.P. Lovecraft, The Call of Cthulhu

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What’s more important: science or art?

Why not both? To be honest, do we have to have just art, or just science? Science and art criss cross in so many different aspects. I think I put that forward in one post I made called the science of art; the art of science. There is art in science. And, there’s a science to art. Painter, sculptors, authors, illustrators all have a wide range of tools they use. Scientists have to get creative when dealing with problems.

Art and science are not necessarily two separate areas. They compliment each other so well. My answer; both.

Ask me anything.

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