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Thursday morning random times

Feeling refreshed

Last night around 9:30, I felt tired, so I decided it was time to get some sleep.  I was awake at 5:00 this morning without any problems.  I felt refreshed, and decided to get up.  I also had to go to the bathroom and also realized as I woke up that I had turned on my alarm clock.  Better safe than sorry.

For the past half an hour I’ve been puttering around, doing the usual morning routines, bathroom, getting breakfast ready, making coffee, putting on my bathrobe which is really old but really warm.

And I also just realized that this weekend is a long weekend.  Three days off.  Granted, that means today and tomorrow at work are going to be very busy.  Which is all right, that just means both days will go by faster.

Just one thing makes this month so far a little depressing.  My NaNoWriMo has been a complete and utter wash.  I’m at a loss as to what to write.  Granted, I can’t stop thinking about another story, so I think I’ll work on that one instead.  I hit this same wall last year.  Ironically, when I started last year I was working on the story I keep thinking about now.

Break out the razor blades


You may notice I’m clean shaven.  This has been going on for several weeks so far.

This also means I’m not participating in Movember.  To be honest, lately the month, which was supposed to bring awareness of cancer (in particular, testicular cancer and prostate cancer) but it’s now become a place of extreme male privilege.  When women attempt to be a part of it, vowing not to shave their legs and nether regions (and let’s be honest, legs are a lot of real estate to shave, I looked at mine and thought “good god, that’s a lot of work”, though there’s more than just legs to shave if one thinks about the naughty bits).

Shaving is a lot of work, and it can get really bloody if you aren’t fully focused on the job.  Or, if you happen to have an injury that didn’t heal right.  Such as what I deal with.  I’ve got a small mark on my chin from when I was in junior high school.  Playing volleyball for Conquest at a tournament, dove to get the ball and my chin hit the hardwood (tiles, it was actually big stinkin’ laminate).  My chin got a scuff mark that bleed and never healed right.  So now, decades later, it’s still there.

This also makes me think of legs and shaving those.  I’ve got psoriasis, just as my mother has it.  It is a lifelong disease and it occurs when the immune system thinks that skin cells are a pathogen and releases faulty signals that creates new skin cells.  This results in a flaking over different regions of the body, and in a lot of cases where hair happens to grow.  So on your head, eyebrows, arms, chest, back, legs.  I’ve got a lot on my legs, and like any skin disease, it’s itchy.  If I’m not thinking about it, I’ll involuntarily reach down and scratch at my legs.  Which doesn’t help.  But imagine having that, and being told to shave your legs.  That would be a lot of blood.

So no, I’m not participating in Movember, at least until it decides it’s not going to be a place filled with privileged male douchebags.

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To sleep: perchance to dream: ay, there’s the rub

~To Be Or Not To Be, Hamlet; Shakespear, 1602

I’ve been finding the past few days I’ve been getting to sleep a lot earlier than I used to.  Used to be I’d drag my butt to bed around midnight.  The past few nights that’s been around 10:30, which is fine, by that time it’s dark out and I’m tired.  I used to get tired and push it back, then finding my second wind and really screwing up my sleep schedule.  The worst was when I was much younger and would proudly attempt all nighters, especially when I had to work the next day.  I’ve tried that since, finding that I usually give up by the time 3 in the morning rolls around.  I’d like to note, I never try this when I have to work the next day.

But I’ve also noticed I feel a lot more refreshed in the morning.  An hour or two extra sleep really feels good, and I’m even able to get up at 5:30 in the morning.  I normally have my alarm set for that, and will wake up and hit snooze several times before finally getting up because I really need to use the facilities.

It’s also doing something else, and that’s helping me get some work done.  By work, I mean writing.  There’s other work that I do that I get done, but that’s the everyday mundane work that needs to be done, like dishes, laundry, vacuuming, cleaning windows, dusting and so on.  But it’s helping a bit with my writing.  I know, this whole thing I’ve discovered is contrary to some of the advice of published authors of the past.  An example is several suggest being shit faced drunk.  If I ever get that way, I can’t lift my hand, not even to think about writing.  I did it once, mind you.  I wrote about 5,000 words in one alcohol induced haze, then crashed into my bed at about 4 in the morning.  I awoke the next day to reread what I’d written, and in a hangover fog I thought it might be salvageable.  By the time the fog lifted and moved on, I realized there was no salvaging that train wreck of a word jumble.  One non coherent sentence flowing into an unrelated non coherent sentence.  That’s not to include how many spelling errors there were.

And I will say this now, no, I did not keep that jumbled mass of incoherent rambling.  It went to the dust bin rather quickly.  I mean dust bin quite literally, because I was typing it out on an old Underwood typewriter.  Ah, the good ol’ days.

So three things I can suggest if you sit down to write; get lots of sleep, eat a good meal before (or while) you write, and have a small recording device handy if you come up with an idea but area far away from pen and paper or computer.  Record your idea and transcribe later after you’ve had a nap from that plate of fettuccine Alfredo you just finished.

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Breast Cancer Ad does two things

I’m fairly certain a lot of people have seen this video.

It is about an app that helps women check themselves for breast cancer.  And it just so happens to feature a few shirtless hot guys helping to inform people about the app (ya know, if you can take your eyes off of Anthony’s abs for a second).

This ad does something else very important, and it’s caused quite a stir in the comments on Youtube for this video.  Lots of men complaining about it, but totally missing the point.

Each and every day in advertising, women are objectified in order to sell a product.  Even when the product has nothing to do with sex.  There’s a Hot Pocket ad out there that is really objectifying, and seriously, if I’m eating a Hot Pocket (first, yuck!) I’m not thinking of sex.  There’s the subtle Subway print ad with a sub being used as a phallic symbol.  At one end of the sub is a women with her mouth open.

But the above ad received a few complaints (many of those from men’s rights activities, so you can guess what kind of complaints they were about).  However, the ad itself did something that another very simple ad did quite successfully.  And both ads managed to start a conversation.

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It’s my hair, dammit, not yours!

Today was a pretty decent hair day for me.

I know, rather self centered topic, but to be honest, my hair is a part of me, and I try to keep it looking best.  Many might not realize it, but I’ve got really long hair.  See?


The only downside with hair this long is it can get in the way when eating.  Or breathing, sometimes.  Often, it means if I ever find hair in my food, I just shut up and not complain because chances are high it’s from my head.  Which does bring about another problem; that being shedding.  I’ve got so much hair, I do find bits of it here and there throughout my apartment and at my work station at the office.

I get a lot of weird looks from some people.  Well, most people, really.  And some brave enough to comment say things like I should get it cut, that long hair isn’t dignified for a man, that I look girly with long hair.  Granted, I do get some really awesome compliments about my hair, how it looks really long and soft and vibrant (though it is getting some grey in there as can be seen above).

I’ve stopped using the excuse that I’ll have it cut off to donate to the Canadian Cancer Society to make wigs, because while it’s a good cause, this is my hair.  And if I wanna grow it out, I will, dammit!  My growth of hair has no direct or indirect relation to anyone who may happen to be in my vicinity.  Which isn’t any different to some other things that are honestly no one’s business.

Such as:

  • what a woman wears is not the determining factor of whether or not she may be promiscuous or prudish.
  • the number of tattoos an individual wears is not a mark that he or she is or ever was a member of a criminal biker gang.
  • consequently, if the person looks remotely Japanese, their wearing of tattoos does not mean they are members of the Yakuza.
  • if a person of colour happens to be buying a particular food that happens to raise jokes in relation to that person of colour, you as an observer have no right to mock or ridicule that person for their food choice.

The list of things that are no one’s business but the person doing them is endless.  Now keep in mind, if they’re murdering someone, raping someone, engaging in fraud or some other criminal activity, then that’s something completely different. But it what they do has no affect on anyone else directly, then it’s their business and nobody else’s.

So, I like my hair, thank you very much, grey and all.  And it’s no one’s business if it’s long or short.  Remember this; Samson’s strength was based on the length of his hair, and if it ever were cut short, he’d loose his strength.

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Do you forgive or hold a grudge?

Forgiveness: The Real F-Bomb

Forgiveness: The Real F-Bomb (Photo credit: bangart)

I find it better to let go after a while. Life’s just way too short to continue to hold a grudge, plus it could most likely affect my blood pressure.

I won’t necessarily forgive, mind you. If someone (or in the case of current politics) some figure or organization, does something that affects me (or a large portion of the population) in a damaging way, and I know that what happened was not my own fault, then I can’t forgive. I also don’t forget. In the case of politics, there is the option to get rid of the one who damaged a society by voting them out of office. On the other hand, at the more local level, when it’s just between two people especially if they see each other a good deal of the time, it’s a little more difficult. I won’t hold a grudge, but I necessarily won’t forgive either.

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A lot of FEELINGS!

Titled such because there is a lotta stuff I wanted to talk about today, a veritable potpourri of things, and just so little time to do it.  It takes less time to hit “like” and “reblog” than it does to actually sit down and write several posts (or even one).

First, I really would like to thank everyone who sent me support and such when I posted this up a couple of days ago.  My faith had sort of hit rock bottom and it was nice to hear from encouraging people, especially early-onset-of-night (who posts some great op-eds and awesome poetry) and filmsfoodandfandom who gave some good advice.  I appreciate every bit of it, and I appreciate everything from everyone who either sent me messages or always continue to follow me.

Last week, I felt like crap!  As it turned out, I had the flu, when I thought I was having a stroke.  I went to the doctor today and it turns out I have inflamed tendons in my rotator cuff of my left shoulder.  The short translation of that is, I’m fucking old!  Seriously, I’m 41, this shit happens when you get to a certain age.  The joints don’t move as well as they used to.  So, I now have exercises that I need to perform, along with taking an anti-inflammatory, in order to decrease the inflammation in my tendons on my left shoulder.

Naturally, I had to go to the pharmacy to get some, which as luck should have it is also located in the food store.  Local Co-ops are great!

Milk!  Bread!  Those turkey strips things for $7.99!  Toothpaste!  Toilet paper!  The anti-inflammatory!  Coffee!  I got what I needed and a little bit more including a purchase from the small book aisle of the store.

Yeah, more reading for me.

Of course, leaving the store, that voice in my head that warns me of danger said “I think you forgot something, dude!”  Yeah, that’s fine, you’ll remind me when I get home.  Also, you, Sir Voice, would suck when warning me of an oncoming big rig.  By the time you warned me, I’d be dead and the truck would be half a mile away.  Seriously, you suck.

As luck would have it, when I arrived home and finished unpacking groceries…

Brown sugar.

One last thing, I know I didn’t post up a new Rocket Fox episode yesterday, and there won’t be one today, I just haven’t had the time the past couple of days, but I can assure you, dear readers, that the adventure will pick up again on Friday!

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