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Art mirrors life… and predicts it

What’s strange is how very interesting it is how media like this, created by Alan Moore in the mid 1980s, made into a film in the late 90s, basically is predicting what is happening in the world.

There are those who follow the edict of using fear to control the masses. Just look at Fox News. Be afraid of Muslims, or African Americans (with strategic words such as “inner city men” used to foster that fear), or atheists, or lesbians, or homosexuals. It’s control at it’s core. Make those groups the targets and you suddenly control the masses and are able to continue ruling, so to speak.

In reality, it’s the right wing who are afraid. Afraid they’ll lose their control if they don’t have a target. They’ll lose their wealth, their standing and their power.

There’s been other films which showed the future in a relatively dark light; Running Man, The Dark Knight, Total Recall (the original with Schwarzenegger), and even RoboCop. What we laughed at is some of the things that have become real in our future. Just as the politics of corruption has become very real.

Sometimes, the fiction we consume isn’t that far off. And what we call escapism, is very dead on the money in mirroring what happens in the world. The biggest difference is, the public seems very much more aware of it.

EDIT:  Correction, the movie came out in 2006, not the late 90s.

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Thursday morning inspiration

I often find inspiration from all sorts of areas.  Music, older fiction, looking out the window…  One thing that’s lasted for quite a while is the inspiration I gain from several different works of fiction that help drive Black Mask & Pale Rider.  I’ve even made it a constant memory for myself with my own desktop wallpaper.  Which I will share.  Hopefully, it inspires others and helps them in whatever work they do.

Click the image for a larger version.

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The eyes have it

I had no choice, I had to break down and get new glasses.  Not just frames, which I also needed, but new lenses.  As I spoke to the eye doctor, I was brought to the sudden realization that yes, I am very much getting older.

The new glasses I have are progressive lenses.  For those who do not have the joy of having glasses, or are much younger than I am, here is what progressive lenses means.

From Wikipedia:

Progressive spectacle lenses, also called progressive addition lenses (PAL), progressive power lenses, graduated prescription lenses, and varifocal or multifocal lenses, are corrective lenses used in eyeglasses to correct presbyopia and other disorders of accommodation. They are characterised by a gradient of increasing lens power, added to the wearer’s correction for the other refractive errors. The gradient starts at the wearer’s distance prescription, at the top of the lens and reaches a maximum addition power, or the full reading addition, at the bottom of the lens. The length of the progressive power gradient on the lens surface depends on the refractive index of the lens, with a final addition power between 0.75 to 3.00 dioptres for most wearers. The addition value prescribed depends on the level of presbyopia of the patient and is closely related to age and to a lesser extent, existing prescription.

This is going to take some getting used to, as I have already discovered.  Looking straight ahead is fine.  The world is so much clearer than my old glasses.  But looking down, that’s a whole new adventure.  My eyes have to adjust every time they move it would seem.

My eyes are getting older, and they aren’t really getting better.  As a matter of fact, they’re getting worse.  It’s a scary thing to think about sometimes, and the thought has run through my head that what if one day I wake up and I’m completely blind.  As it is, my eyes are bad enough that I can be classed as close as legally blind without actually being blind.

It has been suggested that I go in to have my eyes dilated, which as has been described to me, is like having a puff of air shot at my eyes.  I have a hard time touching my eye (no contact lenses for me) so a puff of air probably isn’t going to be any better.  I have also been informed that I won’t be able to drive for the day after it’s done.

I suppose it isn’t so bad, at least a lot of this is preventative, so that my eyes won’t get worse right away, or I won’t have to go in for major surgery.  So, why not lazer surgery?  Why wouldn’t I wish to improve my eyes that way?  Remember what I said about touching the eye (which just the thought makes me squicky)?  Yeah, lazers really don’t make that any better.  It’s like “Here, have some hot, burning light in your eye ball!”  No thanks, I’ll put up with the glasses.

Until next time…

…keep ’em flyin’!


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The world of technology

This past weekend I went into the city, but with a different purpose than most other weekends.

The other weekends I did spend time with friends and went about doing some shopping and even saw a couple of shows.  This time, I went in to spend time with my folks.  The big reason why is my dad has entered the 21st Century, so to speak.  In this order he has purchased a digital camera, a netbook and a 3 in 1 printer.  Pretty decent.  And from the prices, pretty affordable.

The camera he purchased is a Fujitsu Camera, which is actually better than my own Kodak.  I didn’t read the full specs, but it can do everything mine can and instead of being 8.1 megapixels, it’s 12 megapixels.

The netbook he purchased is an Acer, which actually seems better than my own laptop, and I’ve even given mine an upgrade to 2 gig of RAM.  Plus, his is loaded with Windows 7 Starter.  A big step up from my own Windows XP.  Though, I’m not complaining, it took me two years to go from Windows 98 to Windows XP when it did come out.

Finally, the printer he purchased is a 3-in-1 HP Printer.  A pretty decent one as things go.  We aren’t looking at getting a magazine or newspaper quality type print job here anyway.

All in all, however, I think my dad made some pretty decent purchases, all of which go toward taking some nice photos and printing them off with ease.  My dad was always a photo-bug, having his own black and white 35 mm camera and even used the old Kodak Brownie line of cameras (I still have a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye camera, and it still works).  He taught me how to develope film and helped me learn about setting the photo paper down and getting the picture just right.  About the dodge and burn paddles and how to make things not look so over exposed.  You know, before Photoshop had all of that in the same utility and you could do it with software.

Now that dad is set up with his own computer, camera and printer, the next step is getting him online.  I think we’ll wait a bit on that.  Not like I need to worry, I have faith that my parents are going to be around for a while.  But having my dad connect online will be an interesting, if not sometimes entertaining, experience.

Until next time…

…keep ’em flyin’!

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Excitment Brewing

Of course with a title like that you would expect me to tell you about all the things that are up and coming. And I am to a point.

There’s been a lot excitement over the pass few weeks. A previous blog explained some difficult times that are coming up in my family. It also gave wind that BF and I are back together.

While it’s not completely official since I don’t have a ring, Zach and I are engaged to be married. All of this happen so quickly even for me that I haven’t had time to catch my breath. Many people understood that I loved him even while we were separated. I fought even when I wanted to do nothing more than give up. I nearly lost him but God smiled on me and offered me my last chance.

Zach understand that the economy isn’t really good and looking for a job is tough. He’s decided on friday he’s going to enlist in the Navy. Now I’ve been this road before. I was once an Army Wife, now I’ll be a Navy Wife. Either way I know it’s going to be tough on me and there will be times when I will want him to come home ASAP because I need or want him. This is where the spoiled Zodi gets put on hold. MEH!

The other part to this is if he and I are married it will be easier when filing paper work and all that jazz so that I can be covered by his benefits. I don’t know about Rhys but I will cross that bridge when I get to it.

Now the excitement. With Zach enlisting this means I will go from fiancee to wife in a matter of weeks. Two to be exactly. That’s right. After all the fighting and BS that he and I have put each other through in the past four years, we decided why wait any longer, get it done and over with worry about a fancy shindig later. So on April 16th, I will no longer be Zodi Mitchell. I will be Zodi Mitchell-Heidler, or Zodi Heidler. I haven’t decided yet (and he is picking on me about this too.)

We are planning a huge wedding in a few years, once we know what is going on with all the Navy stuff. This stuff will all come in time.

So yeah lots and lots of new stuff cooking up in the world of Zodi.

Speaking of cooking and of facebook for that matter. I play a game called Cafe World. I’ve decided that I am going to start making from scratch dishes that are in the game. This will lead into a whole new Dontcha blogs that I’ve been seriously slacking on. Kinda like my writing, which I think it’s safe to say that I am taking an undefined hiatus for writing.

All in due time.

Keep it real and rockin’

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I been hangin’ ’round gas stations

I been hangin’ around libraries
I been learnin’ ’bout books
I been talkin’ to playwriters
I been workin’ on words, phrases

Call this my very musically patriotic post.  But I was struck while suddenly getting misty eyed over memories of the past.  One song has always been there for me, not one that truly inspired any of my writing, but one that’s always been there.  The Guess Who’s Running Back To Saskatoon.  It always seems that at some point in my life, I’m doing just that, running back to Saskatoon.

It’s not a bad thing, per say.  I love the city, I’ve lived in it at various points in my life.  I always come back to it.  Saskatoon is familiar ground for me, just as Outlook is a comforting home.  It wasn’t until today that some of the lyrics of Running Back To Saskatoon really hit home.  Oh, I know that Burton Cummings is an excellent song writer, crafting music that sounds fun, but has a message at the same time.  American Woman, for example, was ironic.  It became a smash hit in the States in the early 70’s, but the focus of the song was more like a slap in the face of what the American government was doing at the time.

Those lyrics that I highlighted in Running Back To Saskatoon hit home, because I’ve really been talking to people a lot lately about books.  Over the past two and a half years, I have been hangin’ out in “libraries”.  Those virtual libraries of web lit authors and even going to places to learn how to publish my own material (thus, it fits with “been learnin’ ’bout books”).

I have been talking to playwriters, individuals such as authors James Melzer, Jenny Hudock, Edward Talbot.  Poets like Ray Onativia.  And script writers like David N. Wilson.  I’ve learned from them the mistakes and triumphs that they have made, and taken their examples as I plug away at this thing called writing.

And I’ve been workin’ on words and phrases.  Over 98,000 words to be exact.  Black Mask & Pale Rider has been an accomplishment that has taken almost two years.  And it’s so close to completion it’s not even funny.  Things are coming, that’s for sure.

But for this weekend, I’m runnin’ back to Saskatoon, hookin’ up with my buddy Pearce, and we’re takin’ in a Burlesque show.  Now, sing it with me…

Moose Jaw saw a few, Moosomin too
Runnin’ back to Saskatoon
Red Deer, Terrace and a Medicine Hat
Sing another prairie tune
Sing another prairie tune

Until next time…

…keep ’em flyin’!

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Protected: Drama Llama GTFO* Now

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Protected: Everybody Hurts – Zodi Hurts A lot

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Fangirl Interrupted!

I honestly think that I may just start posting a weekly thing about how everything is going in my life. This week is much much better than last.

I’ve got a new couch and got rid of that horrible grey beast that lurked in my house for several years, I’ve got my furniture moved around and situated. ExBF will be returning to Bloomington after his visit to a friend down in Alabama. Rhys I know is looking forward to it.

He will be staying with me for a little while and then he’ll be moving to a friends house. Things between him and I have been friendly awkward.

The stress levels in my life have gone down drastically. Through writing, yes writing, not a lot but a little bit each day. Gaming has helped and talking to my friends.

Recently, I’ve thought about giving up posting on the blog simply because it seems to be shifting gears so much that my little updaters seem highly out of place. For those of you that don’t know and I won’t go into extreme detail, Tim and I got into a really bad fight. Things were said that neither of us meant but it’s put a strain on our friendship. We are both trying to salvage as much as we can from the wreckage. I am hoping that one day we both wake up and realize that we are both being stubborn asses and we both get over ourselves.

I need Tim in my life, I always have, I always will. He is probably one of the few people who have been by my side through everything and right now he’s not there. He’s not entirely to blame for this. A lot of it was me. My mood shifted and slowly started locking myself in my head and pushing away what mattered most. And it took losing it for me to realize that I still care for Tim as my friend. My best friend. So much so that I’m willing to publicly tell everyone, I was in the wrong for treating him less than stellar when he’s been nothing but awesome for me.

I wish things could go back to the way they were, but as we live our lives. We grow, we change and as the old adage goes a branch that does not bend, breaks. I’m slowly feeling my way around this new life, but I’d like to keep some of the old one.

Another note of Zodi is I have found myself with an amazing amount of free time. This is because I was screwed out of my job. Do not fret none! I am fighting this. You see the day I called out of work, knowing I had half a point left of the six infractions we were allowed, I had no electric. I live in the States, it’s the middle of winter and no electric, means no heat for me. In a moment of desperation, I called out of work no knowing if I was going to be staying here in my apartment or if I was going to have to crash at a friends place for the night until I could get my electric sorted. This caused me to lose my job and my boss was very gracious about letting me off. Telling me he’d give me a good reference and avoid the topic of my attendance et cetera. However, I feel that I was terminated unfairly because my circumstance was fairly precarious. I have a child, his well-being comes before any job.

So yes, free time. This means I’m going to be watching lots and lots of movies and TV series. Currently on that list is Heroes. I’ve wanted to watch it since it’s come out, but haven’t because reception out here sucks monkey butt and I just realize how unprofessional I sounded say that. Ha! Anyways. I might see about doing a weekly Zodiview on whatever I’m watching at the time.

I’ve managed to break the vicious gaming cycle and have only started to play the game from sometime after the kidlet goes to bed til maybe 2 or 3 in the morning. Which really is as bad as playing nearly twenty-four hours a day.

I’m also getting my house in order and things shifted around to look more appealing for me and my changes. Yay. I’m really excited because I will be entering editing mode, which has taken a huge back burner since the less than epic battle of Zodi and Tim. Yes Tim, that’s right. You’re editor girl is back and dammit I want more work.

Slowly but surely I’m pullin’ it all together.

Keep it real and rockin’

PS who stole my insert image button?

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Bug Meet Winshield

Recently there has been some epic drama in the life of Zodi. I posted that the bf…though now Exbf and I split up. Currently I’m trying to survive being a single mom with a next to single income. Don’t let anyone tell you different, this is extremely difficult and at times painful.

Everything in my life except my gaming has come to a near screeching halt. The writing is next to non-existent. I sort of lost the bug. There are other things that are affecting this but they don’t really need to be discussed as it would open up a whole can of worms I’m not willing to deal with.

For those that it involved and you know who you are; I’m sorry. For everything and all the crap that went down.

I’m hoping that with all these changes in my life I will be able to get back on the ball and start working on writing again. Thank you all to everyone who has supported me and fanned the museling flames to keep me writing. Keep coming back and checking, updates will be sporadic at best.

Keep it real and rockin’

Tim’s Hijack

For some reason, I feel I have to do this again, as the title reminded me of it.

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