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NaNoWriMo; Set, Ready, Go!

This year’s NaNoWriMo has been set!

star trek tyria

A crossover story, starring the crew of a merchant vessel (a heavily armed merchant vessel), and the citizens of Diessa Plateau in Ascalon.

The crew of the S.S. Tigris hasn’t had the easiest of times.  They aren’t explorers, they aren’t warriors, they are merchants.  But they’ve made some incredible luck for themselves.  Ret N’Vek and her brother and sister joined together with other family members and friends and a few strange companions (including a Romulan android, an Emergency Engineering Hologram who likes Klingon Opera and always agrees to any trade deal with the words “Today is a good day to die”, and a gender fluid Gorn).  They’re first bit of luck came when they managed to “acquire” an old B’Rel Bird-of-Prey.  Klingon raiders attempted to board their ship, so they gave it to them.  In exchange for the much more armoured and armed Klingon ship.

While most Ferasan, the crew of the Tigris are members and supporters of the Ferasan Underground, a group fighting to bring peace between Caitian and Ferasan people, and overthrow the oppression of centuries of dogma by the patriarchal central government.  Now that Feras has been annexed by the Klingon Empire, this once thought dead movement has begun to rise again.

This means the Tigris keeps her trade routes in more Federation friendly areas.  Even hotly contested areas like the Betreka Nebula.

Deep inside the nebula is a planetary system, deemed unworthy for conquest or technologically primitive for first contact.  The locals, five higher species including humans, call this world Tyria.

Charr lands are not the places where you’d think a human would live, but for Abisayo Temililu and her lover Pania Alow, Diessa Plateau has done well for them.  Guided by an old friend of the family in Clayton Henry Irons, this pair have made their home with the Iron Legion.  Pania has even made contacts and partnerships with old Iron Legion members serving the Priory, including an old soldier named Grishnack Soulclaw.  Even the mysterious charr witch has offered her own advise and sent a young Ash Legion charr to help this small family live in the Plateau.

But the old aggression far in the vacuum of space still take place.  The Klingons continue to fight off the Cardassians, but this time in the guise of the True Way, an organization of Cardassian and Jem’Hadar soldiers who supported the Dominion.  And then there’s also Orion pirates.  The lives of the people of Diessa are about to be shaken more than any dragon ever could.  What will happen when the citizens of this place look to the sky as a B’Rel Class Bird-of-Prey fights off two Jem’Hadar assault fighters?  And what will the crew of the Tigris make of this strange new world?

Here there be dragons.

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That’s So METAL!

This is partially going to go hand in hand with my NaNoWriMo and the fact I’m writing about superheroes as they might exist in our world.  It’s a tale that starts in the 1970s and keeps going right up to present day.

A big part of that includes the changes in music, and I often get the feeling that the music is being played by a particular band in this universe (named Blanc Noir, but could be changed to Seven Years of Blood because that sounds way cooler).  The band is unorthodox, because it doesn’t really fit into what might be considered the mainstream metal norm.  Unfortunately, the mainstream metal norm often includes bands like Metallica, Megadeath, Iron Maiden, and even Van Halen (which could be considered pop metal).  Even bands like Amon Amarth might fit that more mainstream feel.

Here in North America, we often think of a metal band being something akin to Bon Jovi, Poison, Warrant, Metallica, Megadeath, Van Halen, Helix, Kick Axe, or Guns ‘n Roses.  But metal has a wide diversity.

In Europe, artists are marrying metal with symphonic and operatic sounds and coming up with things like Nightwish, Within Temptation, or even Amaranthe.  In Japan, there’s Baby Metal, combining the bubble gum sounds of pop with gothic death metal.  And then there’s the metal bands which could be considered mainstream but are often forgotten by the mainstream for one reason only.

Those are bands like Living Color, Wicked Wisdom, and even Sevendust, all of which are either fronted by or are completely comprised of African American musicians.  It’s still the same kind of metal, but with a bit of a different twist.

It’s combinations of these that I’ve put together with this fictional metal band in the Heroic League Project.  Three of the band members are costumed crime fighters themselves, two of which are the daughters of former heroes and have taken up their parents’ (or aunt’s) former code names.  The band plays a huge part in this universe, a gothic metal band from Montreal that’s completely bilingual and records many of their tracks and even performs in Quebecois.  Four of the members are women (which is a call back to the 80s glam metal group Vixen).  Two members, brother and sister, are Haitian Canadian (rhythm guitar and lead vocalist). one is Jewish (drummer), one is Metis (lead guitar), and one is Dakota (bassist, who is also blind).  The lead vocalist is male, everyone else is female but performs vocal duties as well as their regular addition to the band.  Two of the members are lovers (lead guitarist and drummer), who also happen to be costumed crime fighters, as is one other (bassist).  All but one (bassist) are from Quebec; the fifth member is from Saskatchewan.  One former member was from Nova Scotia.

So, in my head, as the story unfolds, there’s almost like a backing soundtrack of a modern day metal band that’s performing in my head, almost as though accompanying the story with music to fit.


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My NaNoWriMo

It’s been nine full days into November, and the writing has been going well.  Let me amend that; the writing has been going well compared to last year.  Last year, I struggled to get 5,000 words in a month.  This year, I’ve hit 6,000 words already.  I’m far behind, but I’m doing much better.

And I owe it to my surroundings.  My environment.

The change in scenery, not just where I live, but also my work place, has helped kick start a whole new creativity for me.  My workplace is an enjoyable atmosphere that allows me to work very calmly and without fear of any backlash or demeaning comments.

A person’s creativity suffers when you have to deal with a toxic environment on a daily basis.  And it’s not just the creativity.  It’s also any motivation to do anything.  Here, I have a new found freedom.  I wake early each day (sleeping in has become waking up at 7 in the morning).  On days off, I actually do things that are considered productive, even if it’s just popping down to the grocery store to get some necessities, or doing the dishes.

Writing is hard, even at the best of times.  But it helps to be a place where you feel comfortable, and that’s more than just your home.  That includes your workplace.  It will help in so many more areas of your life when you work in a place that you feel comfortable in.

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The Year Is 1970


Greenpeace saw it’s birth in 1970 in a Vancouver student dorm.

After a 32-month fight for independence from Nigeria, Biafran forces under Philip Effiong formally surrender to General Yakubu Gowon.

Black Sabbath’s eponymous debut album is released; often regarded as the first true heavy metal album.

Rhodesia severs its last tie with the United Kingdom, declaring itself a republic.

A bomb being constructed by members of the Weathermen and meant to be planted at a military dance in New Jersey, explodes, killing 3 members of the organization.

The 1970 United States Census begins. There are 203,392,031 United States residents on this day.

Israeli Air Force F-4 Phantom II fighter bombers kill 47 Egyptian school children at an elementary school in what is known as Bahr el-Baqar massacre. The single-floor school is hit by 5 bombs and 2 air-to-ground missiles.

Demonstrations against the trial of the New Haven Nine, Bobby Seale, and Ericka Huggins draw 12,000. President Richard Nixon orders U.S. forces to cross into neutral Cambodia, threatening to widen the Vietnam War, sparking nationwide riots and leading to the Kent State shootings.

In Washington, D.C., 100,000 people demonstrate against the Vietnam War.

The Who become the first act to perform rock music (their rock opera, Tommy) at the Metropolitan Opera House, New York.

Air Canada Flight 621 crashes at Toronto International Airport, Toronto, Ontario; all 109 passengers and crew are killed.

The Women’s Strike for Equality takes place down Fifth Avenue in New York City.

An assassination attempt against King Hussein of Jordan precipitates the Black September crisis.

Jimi Hendrix dies in London of drug related complications.

Palestinian armored forces reinforce Palestinian guerillas in Irbidi, Jordan.

The Front de libération du Québec (FLQ) kidnaps James Cross in Montreal and demands release of all its imprisoned members. The next day the Canadian government announces it will not meet the demand, beginning Quebec’s October Crisis.

In Paris, a Communist delegation rejects U.S. President Richard Nixon’s October 7 peace proposal as “a maneuver to deceive world opinion.”

In Liverpool, England, military officials begin tests for a candidate to undergo treat for a special project called Project Britannia.

In Windsor, Ontario, a canary yellow car is often seen driving near crime scenes, often driven by an individual dressed in a yellow trench coat and fedora.  The media dubs him Yellow Jacket.

Vancouver City Police and RCMP E Division place an unknown figure only called the Mannekin on the most wanted list.

Photographers in Montreal capture the image of a young man dressed in a red and white uniform with a maple leaf on his chest.  It is overheard he calls himself Canadien, and is fighting against corruption brought on by the FLQ.

In Detroit, Michigan, a black neighbourhood finds they have their own protector, as a figure dressed in the colours of Old Glory defends the people of the small district.  She is dubbed Free Spirit.

In 1970, heroes live among us.  They witness world events along side of us.  They make news, inspire, and become subjects of suspicion.  In 1970, five origins begins the fifty year history of The Heroic League.


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It’s only a few days away.  And I’m planning on trying to give it a go once again.






I’m giving it a go this year with my super hero group.  In a full book titled Five Origins, it will contain five stories which are the origins of the first five heroes to be dubbed The Heroic League.

Britannia – Melanie Cooper is given the opportunity to server her country and be a beacon of hope.  But at what cost?

Canadien – Teenager, Jean Pierre Turgeon faces the ultimate struggle.  To don the maple leaf and help protect his countrymen against attacks by the terrorist organization called the FLQ.

Free Spirit – Patriotism was never the fore of Regina Morgan-Simms mind.  She was always a voodoo priestess, but with her powers, she manages to don the colours of Old Glory to help protect her neighbours in Detroit.

the Mannekin – Wealth and power is meaningless if it’s not used to benefit your neighbours.  This was a decision Donelda Stewart came to.  But she also realizes with her ability to observe the socialite set, she can actually see just who the real criminals are.

Yellow Jacket – Richard Hargrove had always dreamed of becoming a police officer.  But thanks to a medical condition, he was rejected for police work.  This didn’t stop him from opening his own private investigation office, finding the use of a moniker helped circumvent acquiring clues for some of his clients.

The year is 1970, the world is moving on and advancing.  Imagine a world with super powered humans, those with mystical abilities, and costumed vigilantes.  Would the world be a better place?  Or would the events of history as we know it still march on?


  • Simon & Garfunkle – The Boxer
  • The Guess Who – American Woman
  • Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath
  • Alice Cooper – Mr & Misdemeanor
  • Elton John – Take Me To The Pilot
  • The Beatles – Let It Be
  • Supertramp – It’s A Long Road
  • Stevie Wonder – Signed Sealed Delivered
  • Aretha Franklin – One Way Ticket
  • James Brown – Brother Rapp (Part I & II)
  • Black Sabbath – Paranoid
  • Led Zepplin – Immigrant Song
  • The Doors – Roadhouse Blues
  • Jefferson Airplane – Somebody To Love
  • Creedence Clearwater Revival – Have You Ever Seen The Rain
  • Jackson 5 – ABC
  • Diana Ross – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough
  • The Temptations – Ball of Confusion
  • Aretha Franklin – Border Song (Holy Moses)
  • Free – All Right Now
  • Wilson Picket – Sugar, Sugar
  • Smokey Robinson and the Miracles – Tears of a Clown

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My NaNoWriMo experience thus far this year, explained in memes.


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A day break

I just thought I’d let you all know, I’m taking a short one day break from 31 Days of Ghosts.  I think that’s fine, after all I’ve managed to put together 26 straight days of posts on ghost stories and such, and there’s a chance I might find one later today.

But I’ve decided I’ll take this Sunday as a day of rest from blogging and writing, and because I’m preparing for November’s NaNoWriMo.

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Ahead of schedule


When I started writing this thing called Rocket Fox back in November, I had hoped to get in 50K words for NaNoWriMo.  Well, that sort of fell through, because my brain couldn’t decide if I was writing this new thing about Rocket Fox or revamping Black Mask & Pale Rider (which, I’ll still do).  Over the course of the winter, I hit a lot of really deep lows, and there were several times I really felt like quitting.  I had every excuse in the book to stop writing.  Fortunately, one thing kept me going, and that was what I thought my 12 year old self would have thought if I just quit.

I know that kids expect things, especially when someone promises to do that thing.  When that promise is broken it’s damaging to the child.  So I couldn’t give up, because then I’d be breaking a promise.  Even if the promise was to a part of myself that resides somewhere deep in my past.

I ended up setting a date, a deadline as it were, way back in December.  I didn’t publish this date or tell anyone about this date at all, I just told myself and hoped my 12 year old self would get it as well.  That date was by the end of April, the first book of Rocket Fox would see the first draft completed.  I have two chapters left now.  There’s over 60,000 words in the story, which isn’t a lot, but when you think of how long the Great Gatsby is, then you realize why NaNoWriMo settled on 50,000 words in a month.  That’s how long the Great Gatsby is; 50,000 words.  With only two chapters left in Rocket Fox, I think I might get the total around 70,000 (give or take a couple of thousand words).  And then the editing can start.

There’s other things I want to do for the book, which includes my own artwork.  That in and of itself is a daunting task because I haven’t sat down to drawn in over two decades.  I used to draw a lot, but gave up at some point in my life.  But I really feel that Rocket Fox deserves to have pictures between each chapter, something that reflects the chapter to come, and a small reminder to the reader that these characters aren’t human.

I’m hoping that sometime this weekend I’ll have finished the first draft of Rocket Fox: Flight of the Nighthawk, and be ready to get the second draft on the go.

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Writing: Rocket Fox schematic times

I made schematics.  As a reward for writing over three thousand words today, and two thousand yesterday (my NaNoWriMo has turned into a NaNoDecWriMo) I designed a couple of side view schematics for the new Nighthawk.  It’s pretty self explanatory.




And, just because, a full figure image of Senia with feet.  This is the standard of all Vulpine and Felanus (and soon to be explained in the story, the Prycelon).  They don’t wear footwear, but do have boots made for space walk conditions.



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Writing: Even more changes to Rocket Fox

I think… that the Nighthawk, just got a bit bigger.

I’ve always imagined that the Nighthawk would be a small escort vessel with the ability to separate into three fighter craft.  However, that has changed drastically as of late.  I’ve been thinking about it as I’ve been writing this first book, because I am getting closer to revealing the Nighthawk.  And now, I think that the Nighthawk will be a vessel about the size of the U.S.S. Defiant from Deep Space 9.

Two examples of the Defiant class starship from Star Trek Online. One of which is the U.S.S. Ocelot.

So, a vessel of three decks, with a crew of fifty (which means that Senia is going to have to go on a recruiting drive at some point), plus like almost all Vulpinian vessels, the Nighthawk will have a small hangar bay with room for three Maverick Mark X fighter craft.  The Maverick Mark Xs will be dubbed the Mini Nighthawks, and look similar in style to the mothership.

And then there will also be a crew.

Bridge crew: Lt Commander Senia Felix (yes, she’ll get a promotion at the end of this book) commanding officer; Lt. Clarfax Billings, stellar cartography; Lt. Aria Sharpspear, communications/first officer; Crp. Mia Talon, chief of security/tactical officer; Crp. Mirri Ridgewell, helm officer; Lt. Hardy Maynard, chief of engineering.

This, plus three more that will be added in the second book (including a chief medical officer) will become the core group of characters in the series.  Every member of the crew will be on a rotation to train with the Mini Nighthawks.  The ship itself will look a lot like a fighter craft, only much bigger.  She’ll have landing capabilities, thanks in part to her smaller size, but that will be used sparingly as the three Mini Nighthawks will be used to touchdown for planet side missions.  Granted, the second book will have the Nighthawk touching down on Pau Theta II colony.

The RVA Nighthawk will basically be a large version of this.

The Mini Nighthawks will look more like this.

As the books progress, Senia will eventually be given the rank of captain, and other crew members will also see their ranks increase.


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