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31 Days of Ghosts: Two Sentence Horror Stories #3

No post on the weekend because I had company.  Movies, playing with dogs and having my parents over for tea and lunch took precedence.

Today, I’ll have a bonus.  First, here’s an offering from r/AskReddit in the two sentence ghost stories from user Graboid27 (who’s name is akin to what the creatures in the movie Tremors was called… starring Kevin Bacon and Reba McIntyre).

I can’t move, breathe, speak or hear and it’s so dark all the time. If I knew it would be this lonely, I would have been cremated instead.

And as promised here’s a bonus.  While not necessarily Halloween related, the recitation of The Cremation of Sam McGee by Robert Service is very eerie.  Especially when read by Johnny Cash.

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For two reasons, because it’s a teaser of something I’m planning for this year, and I’m testing this new embedding thing that Tumblr’s doing now.

And the cover teaser!

And just because, the entire download list of the original series of The Adventures of Black Mask & Pale Rider.
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This is Halloween

It’s drawing near to Halloween, and even in the fictional world of computer games are ghosts and goblins popping up.  Unless of course you play horror games, then that’s pretty standard fair all year round.  I decided to write a poem based on the events in Guild Wars 2 that have been brought back this Halloween season.


Tis that time, oh Halloween
The time of year for the Pumpkin King
So grab your pistols if you dare
And brave the world that would scare

Brave the evils that would fright
The creatures giving an awful sight
Show courage on this scare filled night
Avoid the minions that would bite

In this time of Halloween
When cats would cry and ghosts would scream
When the mist is thick, just like steam
Don’t you worry, don’t make a scene

The Mad King rises once again
With toys and games for all to claim
He’ll take you through a scarey game
Make sure you do just the same

But watch out for Edric, son of the Mad King
His voice is shrill, as he will sing
To bring about fear is his thing
And revenge is the ultimate scares in his ring

Tis that time of Halloween
When ghosts and ghouls share the scene
So grab your pistols if you dare
And brave the world that would scare

poem written by Tim Holtorf on the gaming world of Tyria in Guild Wars 2, based on the events from the Halloween event, screen shots from Guild Wars 2 using the character of Shani Wennemein in game.  Guild Wars 2 and all characters are copyright ArenaNet.

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Advice in a Poem I & II

I wrote this and posted it to tumblr in two separate parts, one is the advice, the second is an admission of my own from my past.

One day, you might be reading an article
And it might bring up your ire
You may see spots from rage
And you might be tempted to say things
You may be tempted to go to the Internet
And spout you righteous rage
Before you do, listen to my advice

Before you say “not all men are like that”
Put yourself in a woman’s shoes
Open your eyes and open your ears
Listen to what women say
Because if you respond with “not all men are like that”
The chances are that you are very much like that

Before you start a sentence with “I’m not racist, but…”
Keep in mind, what you say next will be very racist
When you start to say that, you aren’t proving a point
You’re proving your own racism
Learn and accept that you have your prejudices
And you’ll never start a sentence with those words again

“I’m just playing devil’s advocate here”
Stop.  Shut up.  Don’t talk.  Stop talking.
You’re not playing devil’s advocate.
You’re not providing solutions to a problem
You’re continuing to be the problem
Because you don’t need to play that card if you’re looking to solve the problem

“But according to this study…”
If you continually point to one study to support your view
Then the chances someone will knock it down with a feather
Are huge.  Massive.
Because chances are, the other person will have thousands of studies to site
Which will prove your one study has a major flaw

“It could be your sister, mother, wife…”
How about we use the words “This is a person”
Because I’m sure you wouldn’t say “It could be your brother…”
We use words based on gender for horrible things that happen
Erasing the violence that does indeed happen to one
While showing that it happens in droves to the other

Before you speak, think of your words
Are they in anyway going to help?
If they aren’t, then you need to realize this
You aren’t providing a solution to a problem
You aren’t trying to argue one side over the other
You are part of the problem

When you realize that above all else
Then you can take the steps needed
To actually become someone who can provide solutions
Until then, stop talking, and start listening

You might sit there and say to me
How can you say that to me,
What experience do you have to say such things
Well, let me tell you son
I’ve been there
And I recognize that

When I was younger, I had the thoughts that would make an MRA smile
How television shows of the 80s had smart women and stupid men
Never realizing both were stereotypes that executives wanted
I never recognized the opposite was true, because I could only see one thing
It took years, but I saw the problem inherent was not women
But was a continued situation of patriarchy

When I was younger I was told we don’t drive up Highway 219
Because it was filled with “Indians” and they’d try to rob us if we stopped
That was the idea I had for years, no matter what Rez I drove through
It was made worse because I believed the hype that Natives were lazy
Welfare kings and queens, never wanting for anything more
Never realizing the system had given up on them, and made that their only choice

When I was younger, seeing a black man on television was proof
That my world was equal, that we’d pushed past racism
All the while ignoring the racist stereotypes that black man played on the screen
Each black or brown person I saw was proof of our equality
But at the same time, it was proof of my own racism
And it took years to see it

I’ve been there
I’ve said “I’m not racist, but…”
I’ve said “Not all men are like that”
I’ve said “I’m just playing devil’s advocate”
And when you recognize that the things you say are damaging
Then you too can begin to learn

And this I say to you
You will never stop learning
Because each experience of each person is different from the last
You will never reach the experienced Nirvana
And that’s the beauty of what will happen
When you open your eyes and see, and open you ears and listen

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The West Was Built On Legends


They say the west was build on legends
And every story holds some truth
From daring gunfighters who’d keep the law
To those outlaws who’d become savages to the world

They say the west was built on legends
Of this there is some truth
But what you might not know is this
Some of the most fantastic stories are very real

They say the west was built on legends
A time when men would shine
When righteous ones would step into the light
And drive away the darkness that plagued mankind

They say the west was built on legends
When pioneers would make their mark
When men would rise to the challenge
Whether it be the elements, nature, or the cruelty of man

They say the west was built on legends
But what they don’t say is who
They talk of men and how they survived
And they erase or forget the stories that were true

They say the west was built on legends
So it comes as no surprise
When the story turns to a pair of women
Who would answer the call and rise

They say the west was built on legends
When the strong would defend the weak
Where those who could not fight
Found someone who could make things right

They say the west was built on legends
Of this, there is no doubt
But it comes as a surprise when two of those legends
Were of the forgotten elves; a pair of elven maids

They say the west was built on legends
With six gun and sorcery they rose to fight against evil
Defending those who did not call them kin
And at the end of the day, they’d stand, proving they’d win

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Valley of the Mists

I’d written the entire poem only from Shani’s point of view, but now I’ve added in verses for Pania.  Hopefully it will have shown that Pania is going to search for her friend and follow her into the gates between worlds.

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The World of the Elves

The Green
And all names in between
The stories have named them
Elves One and all
This world called Terra-Kall

To the north
The Innu live and hunt
They fear not the growing cold
Their hearts are true
Their voices raised so bold

East of that
Across the ice
Nordician mountains rise
With elves so tall
And stories filled with pride

Turtle Island
Is a massive land
Filled with elves that hunt the night
They push back the spiders
And tell stories that do delight

The Green
And all names in between
The stories have named them
Elves One and all
This world called Terra-Kall

Europa stands with many a tribe
From Prussia to Celtic to Gaul
Their warriors stand
Tall and proud
Their buildings oh so grand

Italia a nation
All on it’s own
Where the Erinyes stand on guard
The history they share
Would brighten any bard

Arabia lay as a bridge in between
Europa and Africa
The elves called Djinn
The home of great libraries of old
With stories of how the elves did begin

The Green
And all names in between
The stories have named them
Elves One and all
This world called Terra-Kall

Kemet is a land of it’s own
With riches ne’er before seen
Great pyramids rise
Above the sands
The river is the prize

To the south is Yoruba
With elves so bold
They live as a family
Along the coast they hunt and fish
Their stories told with glee

The Zulu lay on the southern tip
Of the great dark continent
Great warriors and bards
Who live with care
As one building a house of cards

The Green
And all names in between
The stories have named them
Elves One and all
This world called Terra-Kall

And through it all
An island rests
On the sea that’s in between
A place of many names
On this world human eyes have not seen

This island nation
Welcomes all
To rest on it’s humble shores
And elves did come
And settle there, in numbers and in scores

Celtic, Gaul, Mohawk, Yoruba
Even Nordican, Innu, and Romani
They found a spot they called home
And neighbours one and all
A place they found no need to roam

 The Green
And all names in between
The stories have named them
Elves One and all
This world called Terra-Kall

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