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Tell Harper: Don’t Sell Out Canada’s Last Prairies!

Interrupting 31 Days of Ghosts to announce something important which has zero to do with me other than it came in from a subscription I receive on social and political news.

From the Care2 team:

The Harper government has turned its back on decades of conserving much of Canada’s remaining great prairie grasslands, leaving many at-risk species like the burrowing owl and the swift fox hovering close to the brink.

Given Harper’s record this will come as no surprise, but the good news is we definitely can help to protect these iconic lands, if we act quickly!

Harper’s move means provincial governments will now own AND manage this fragile prairie ecosystem. A frightening prospect, as we know the government of Saskatchewan hopes to sell this land at market rates if they can move quickly and quietly enough.

To protect almost 2 million acres of native prairie grasslands, we’ve got to make noise and in a hurry.

We are very concerned for the future of this natural jewel because more than 80% has already been lost to development. But Premier Wall has shown himself to be flexible in the face of political push back.

Please send a message to Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall right now!

For decades this beautiful, big sky land has been held in public trust as crown property carefully conserved for future generations and environmentally protected under the management of the federal government. All that changed when Harper walked away.

Now it’s up to us. Please tell Brad Wall he must guarantee that the conservation and environmental protections that have been in place for generations continue in the future.

Your message will make a huge difference. Once you send it, please share this campaign.

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Can Canada overcome its ‘Katrina moment’?

Can Canada overcome its ‘Katrina moment’? – Inside Story Americas – Al Jazeera English.

Very interesting report from Al Jazeera about the Crow First Nations gathering, where they begged the question if it would actually do any for Aboriginal people or if it was just a great photo op for the Harper Government.

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CBC singled out for vindictive cuts

In today’s Budget, the Harper government has broken itselection promise and cut the CBC’s budget by 10% – this is $115 million!

This will require CBC to cut hundreds of staff, including some of the most famous personalities from flagship TV and Radio shows, thereby incurring heavy separation costs, putting further downward pressure on programming.

We were expecting something like this, but it’s shocking when you consider the impact of these cuts:

  • The death of Radio 2
  • Reduced depth, quality, diversity and distinctiveness of CBC News
  • CBC Radio will be less relevant to Canadians
  • Canadian bureaus in major cities around the world will be closed
  • Further reductions to cultural programs
  • CBC Television will look a lot more like private-sector commercial channels

The Table below (Budget 2012, page 269) shows how CBC has been singled out for cuts in the “Heritage Portfolio”, where other cultural institutions, such as the Canada Council and the National Gallery have been spared:

We are not going to take this lying down!

Now we have to mobilize CBC’s supporters – 8 out of 10 Canadians – to hold Stephen Harper’s government to account in the years leading to the next election, when the impact of what Harper has done today will be painfully obvious.

Thanks for standing with us as we move forward with this fight for Canadian culture and democracy! You will hear from us again soon.

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News reports have just revealed that callers supporting Harper likely misled thousands of voters in the last election. But we can undo this fraud, if investigators now work to find the truth of what really happened.

Last election, voters in as many as 45 ridings received misleading and fraudulent phone calls telling us to go to fake polling stations. New media reports show that this orchestrated attack on our democracy might have worked — flipping seats to benefit the Conservative party and giving them a majority in Parliament. Elections Canada and the RCMP are, thus far, limiting their investigation to one riding and the members of one political party — if we raise a massive public outcry they will be forced to expand their investigation to third parties and to dig into fraud across the country.

At minimum, our public officials should review all robocall contracts for election day, and we can make them dig deep in every implicated riding. Click below to demand Elections Canada and the RCMP act now to protect our democracy, then forward to everyone:

On election day – May 2, 2011 – Canadians were inundated with dishonest phone calls saying that voting stations had been moved, then directing voters to a wrong location. Some of these callers even posed as Elections Canada officials. We need get to the truth and to do that we need Elections Canada and the RCMP to expand their investigation and ask the courts to reveal all calling companies’ orders for election day calls. These calls were likely so widespread that they could have actually changed the outcome of many close races!

We already know that Guelph was targeted by misleading calls and that this was part of a complex and pre-meditated plan. Some of the calls used a number tied to a disposable “burner” phone paid for in cash and registered to a Mr. Pierre Poutine on Separatist St., Quebec. A conservative staffer working on the campaign in Guelph has already resigned and if Elections Canada and the RCMP expand their investigation we can get to the truth and confirm full responsibility for all the election day fraud, in all 45 implicated ridings and beyond. 

Our government was elected under suspect circumstances rife with reports of voter fraud — but we can get to the truth. Click below to tell Elections Canada and the RCMP to expand their investigation:

Millions of Avaaz members rallied together to win anti-corruption laws in Brazil and in India and now Canadian citizens can come together to rescue our democracy. We can’t let governments steal elections and if we take action today we can win back our democracy.

With hope,

Emma, Ari, Ricken, Laryn, Melanie and the rest of the Avaaz team

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A new face in politics

This is kind of amazing.  This young woman is one of the hopefuls to claim the job as leader of the Federal New Democratic Party of Canada, and, as stated in her about page, the next Prime Minister of Canada.

Here’s the low down from her about page (and a link to her site, either click the picture or click here).

First elected MP for the riding of Churchill in 2008 and re-elected in 2011, Niki Ashton has been a strong voice for equality in Parliament.

Niki has spoken out on poverty, including calling for action to end the third-world conditions facing Northern and Aboriginal people. She has been fighting to maintain Canadian jobs and control over our economy. She has been a strong voice for gender equality and human rights, including fighting for same-sex marriage rights. She has been a leading voice in fighting against the destruction of the Canadian Wheat Board.

The youngest woman in the 40th Parliament, Niki served as the NDP Post-Secondary and Youth critic and as Rural and Community Development critic. Niki was elected as the Chair of the House of Commons Standing Committee on the Status of Women in the current Parliament.

Niki has been active in the NDP all her life. She has served as the Chair of the NDP Status of Women Committee and on the Provincial Executive in Manitoba. She has been on the NDP Federal Council since 2006.

A former instructor with University College of the North, she has an MA in International Affairs (Carleton University) and a BA in Global Political Economy (University of Manitoba). She is completing her PhD in Peace and Conflict Studies at the Art Mauro Centre at the University of Manitoba. She is fluent in four languages: English, French, Spanish and Greek, her mother-tongue, and she has studied four others.

Niki lives with her partner, Ryan Barker, in the city of Thompson, Manitoba, where she was born and raised.

Niki believes that it is vital for the New Democratic Party to put forward a vision of new politics that seeks to bring Canadians together.

And here is a video with Niki speaking on her ten point plan at last year’s NDP Leadership debate.


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Demand Progress: The Protect IP Act

The Senate is threatening to pass its version of the Internet censorship bill — the PROTECT IP Act — when it returns from winter break later this month.  Will you tweet at Senate leadership to ask them to kill the legislation?  Just click here:

If you’re already on Twitter, click here to tweet a Senate leadership. 

Millions of Americans have emailed their own senators to ask them to oppose the legislation — which is a big part of why we’ve been able to hold the bill up this long. (For more info about the bill, you can click here.)

But some members of the Senate are more powerful than others, and we need to let Senate leadership — Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, and Mitch McConnell — know how upset we are that this legislation is on their agenda.  They have the power to block a vote from happening.

We need to make them understand that hundreds of thousands of us are paying attention and will be looking to this issue when we decide whom to vote for in this year’s elections. 

Normally we’d ask you to email them, but Senate offices block emails from people with out-of-state zip codes, so we’re asking you to tweet at them instead.

You can use this link to generate a tweet to those three Senators — you can use the language we’ve included, or modify it:

If you’re already on Twitter, click here to tweet a Senate leadership. 

We have another tough couple of weeks in front of us, and appreciate your continued work on this issue.  To win this fight we’re going to need stay active to stick together.

— Demand Progress


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But How Do You Know It’s Sexist? The #MenCallMeThings Round-Up

Tiger Beatdown › But How Do You Know It’s Sexist? The #MenCallMeThings Round-Up.

I found this article at Tiger Beatdown.  I’ve read a few articles from that site before, and it’s one of the places I go to (including STFUSexists over on tumblr) to educate myself regarding the differences in how men and women think (it’s honestly not that hard, merely asking for starters helps).

But it seems now there’s this very dangerous attitude that’s growing and growing.  Maybe I just didn’t observe it before all that well, but it’s rather disturbing nonetheless.  It also ties in quite nicely with what I talked about yesterday about Mary Sues.  The example I used yesterday about taking the Batman origin and change it up for a woman with the only changes being gender, works in the real world as well.

There are masculine and feminine descriptors for people.  What are considered the norm are stoic, rational, adventurous, investigative and more.  On the other hand, descriptors such as sensitive, emotional, weak and others are focused on negative aspects of a person, and more often than not, related to women.  However, if you take stoic or rational and tag them to a woman, they change.  They become aggressive and threatening or mean.  Because the previous words are often identified with men, while the latter words are identified with women.

That’s something we have to change, both in fiction and the real world.  Maybe it starts in one, and moves to the other, but something needs to be done.  It’s turning into a large amount of hatred from all corners.  The author of the blog, Tiger Beatdown, goes onto say in her post that the amount of hate she’s received.  The words are disgusting.

Trigger warning for violent and abusive language.

One of the messages she received, and are similar to ones I’ve seen friends of mine have received for speaking their mind, include; I will fuck your ass to death you filthy fucking whore, you’re only worth ….

I think that first one was most likely the worst, and I really won’t go into more.  Needless to say, the messages received included threats of sexual violence, de-legitimizing intelligence, politics, and even gender, calling out as being mean, using name calling, and much more.

So, what kind of ignorance makes a person pick up their phone, send a tweet to someone they hardly know, or don’t know at all, and threatens them with rape.  Or calls them a little girl.  Or calls them stupid.  Are we devolving as a society where we consider half the population as nothing more than sexual objects.  And even less if they don’t fit into that frame?

I encourage people to check out Tiger Beatdown, there’s a lot of good stuff there.  Same with STFUSexists.  Steel thyself, however.  There can be many topics which are discussed that are rage inducing.  Not against the hosting site but against people that often make me scream “how can you think of doing that”.

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