The taxonomic classification of elves

21 Jun

By elves, I of course mean the elves of the book The Adventures of Black Mask & Pale Rider (seriously, I wrote a western fantasy, check it out on Amazon).  As most may recall, in Clarfax Billings’ chapter of Rocket Fox, Clarfax reveals to fellow science students the details of research done by a deep space station studying a distant planet.  It’s revealed the planet that is being studied is a near duplicate of the one the Critainians escaped from before the Great Conflagration (everything with the Critainians is “Great”, Great Conflagration, Great Crossing, Great Library).  Using the taxonomic classification system, I created the full list for the elven people.  Like humans, there would be no genetic distinction between Judan Elves, Brytalonian Elves, Myst Elves or Nordician Elves; they would all have the same classification no matter the skin colour or difference in height.

I’m also considering using this in Rocket Fox, having one of the science students (either Claudia Whitefur or Clarfax) read out the entire taxonomic classification.  Why use something that is used on Earth and not create something new?  Because taxonomic classification is a thing, it’s an already developed science for naming and identifying different organisms.  It’s easily recognizable as well.

Without further ado, this is what I pieced together for the elves of Terra-Kal and their taxonomic classification.

Domain: Eurkarya

Kingdom: Magus

Phylum: Chordata-Vertebrata

Class: Prædictas Fatales

Order: Mysticum

Family: Ispa alta

Genus: Alta

Species: A. dryadales

I am, of course, open to suggestion and to any possible changes to make this fit a little better.

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